Really easy way to make some delicious wings at home. Soft boil your wings for about 5 minutes. Drain and dry. Now in a bowl combine some coconut oil and hot sauce. Coat the wings with the oil and hot sauce and than sprinkle a few pinches of panko or bread crumbs on there… just a few.  Under the broiler until done (about 10 minutes). At the same time I rolled a few asparagus in balsamic. Added them to the “broiler” tray also. Also made potatos with lots and lots of onion and garlic and simmered it until ready with chicken broth. Simple and delicious meal. Cheap too. Total cost for two came to about $2.90.

I’m getting very excited as  my peach tree is looking very healthy and full of promise this year. I think there might be some good peaches coming our way this year. We got ONE last year.



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