What do You Want?

Every time my girlfriend and I are on the water here, we swoon when we see this house.

There’s just something about the swaying palm trees and the whole set up of this house that feels good. It’s not hard at all to wish that you had a house like this, or imagine what it would be like to live there.

And then….doubts and old thought patterns take hold. “I could never afford that…I don’t deserve a house like that…..what have I accomplished in life to be even able to buy a house like that…..my parents never had a house like that….etc etc etc”

You know what? What if you didn’t let those thoughts in? What IF, you kept focused and sure of what you want and what you dream about and what you desire with out any other thoughts clouding that dream…what would happen then?

I’m more and more sure, no 100% convinced that we create EXACTLY what we think about. So the question of “what is it we want” becomes very very important.

Do you know what you REALLY want?? I do, and I’m going after it!

What do you want?

Ok…back to food.

No picture but this was dinner last night;

A few boiled shrimp (about 8 medium shrimp) sliced in thin pieces, half an avocado and a small thinly sliced  kirby cucumber. A bit of sea salt and evoo, toss gently and enjoy.

5 thoughts on “What do You Want?

    1. Natalie,
      I agree….maybe cause I loved Magnum P.I so much when I was a kid…it looks like a house from that show 😉


  1. Beautiful post, in Every Way. I want to continue to focus my attention on what’s possible. There has been no better time than now to manifest miracles. Thank you for your positivity and your love. Your light is lighting the way for many others, keep it strong and keep it bright!! Trust and Gratitude. Thank you Marc.

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