What a Wonderful World & Lentil Soup with Chicken Dish

I like the song and I like the message. Never knew that song was composed by Herb Alpert.

So let me share with you a little story:

Over the years with this little blogging deal, I’ve had a few folks reach out to me personally. I think it’s pretty neat how people can get a “feel” for each other through reading and sharing common interests.

Recently a regular reader named Matt (real name but other details will be kept private) reached out and let me know he would be in my general area. We made tentative plans to connect.

Between office hours, pop-ip meetings and some rush hour traffic, we were not able to meet in person this time, but we had a chance to talk on the phone about 30 minutes. We learned more about each other and were able to give each other some good new info to look into. ie: book titles, podcasts etc.

When I came home I told my beautiful wife what a wonderful experience it was connecting with Matt. With him in his late 20’s and me approaching late 40’s, we obviously have some years between us, but we had an absolute terrific time connecting with each other.

I learned a few things, hopefully Matt did also. What I find so fascinating about these types of interactions… is that the “timing” of it always seems so perfect (to me at least). Life certainly has a knack for that doesn’t it? To share some information with you just at the right time.

Matt, thank you again for your time, it was a true pleasure and look forward to seeing you in person next time you are here or I’m there.

Back to some simple recipes. Like this lentil soup topped with some chicken.

Keep the variety going…eat your “added’ fats in moderation, don’t be afraid of fats that are part of real food. Almost daily protein is a requirement I believe. Keep the cooled potatoes and beans coming and keep your portions normal. Perfect little reminder for myself this week…hope it’s useful for you also.


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