Updates, LOVE and a little half Marathon (again)

Hi Everyone,

With apologies for the site being down for a few days. Looks like all is back up, working and accessible.

I’ve been pretty busy last weeks, with a good amount going on and really didn’t have to much to share.

It’s becoming very VERY clear to me,  how insanely HUGE the long term cumulative effect of eating “REAL FOOD”  for the body truly is.

The science is firmly backing this meme also. And, as we all have heard a million times, these are not new ideas… Hippocrates right…(let food be thy medicine? (specifically put a link here from conventional wisdom source)

But outside of all that jazz…I simply KNOW how I feel! And I’ve learned to recognize how food makes me feel. So for some context and contrast… I love licorice, grew up with the stuff. I can easily finish of 3 bags of my fav licorice on a Saturday. Result being, my tummy is all jacked up for 3 days, great huh? Well guess what…every now and then, I STILL have a bag or two. You know why? Because I want to and I can.

I never want to be so rigid that I “CAN’T” have something. That’s seems very “UN-LIFE” like to me. Good and bad choices are both empowering I guess…but even more so are deliberate choices.

Having a few to many drinks the night before you run a half marathon and even smoking 3 cigarettes with your father in law for his 68th birthday might seem pretty crazy….but it’s exactly times like that were I realize, there are “no rules”, there is no “right way”….there’s only beautiful chaos, directed by our very own thoughts and free-will choices.

Good and bad… winning and losing…these are nothing but labels. Be careful with them. They have some serious power,

Life is beautiful isn’t it? 🙂

Since we are talking beauty…I wanted to share something personal.

There are many many reasons I’m very deeply in love with my wife. In another post I wrote about “soul love”…

This is not “soul mate ” type stuff. 🙂   Soul love, is a term I use for people that can sense/feel certain things.

Think of it like history if you will. There are many people that can sense/feel what the great depression was like here in the U.S even though they hadn’t been born yet.

There are people that can sense/feel the struggles of our civil war, but they hadn’t been born.

There are people of ALL color that can truly sense/feel the trials and tribulations of our slavery dark days here in the U.S.

Why is that you ask?

I believe (after much reading, paying attention and observing) it’s something called Cell Memory or Sensory Memory.

Our very cells and “senses” do indeed have some type of memory. How all this works I’m not totally sure of, but the existence of it is crystal clear. (let me know if you need a simple example)

I’m very grateful for my life. The love I have for my wife, the love she has for me and the love we have for us, is SO deep, so powerful and so strong, that we can feel that almost daily.

Maybe I’m just really lucky, who knows 🙂

Besides from her red hair which still gives me butterflies in my stomach when I see it, her insanely gorgeous eyes that allow me to swim so deep into mystery of life, I utterly lose myself, she makes me live the life I dreamed of. Want me to say that again? SHE MAKES ME LIVE THE LIFE I DREAMED OF. Remember being 9, 12 or15 ? Did you have some serious plans? Did you know exactly how your life was gong to look? Many of us did in those early years of our life…and then, life happened 🙂

Sometimes I want to scream it from the rooftops.. I LOVE MY WIFE. But most that know me and meet me can feel/sense that immediately.

Maybe, just maybe, we are all very good at feeling/sensing. I think that when it’s TRUTH…it’s pretty easy. Perhaps we just haven’t practiced it in while or forgotten to practice? Thoughts?

Lastly, yup sure did 🙂 Smoked 3 cigarettes and had some wonderful adult beverages Saturday night. Got up the next morning at 6:00, showered drove to Downtown Dallas and ran a Half Marathon.

The only “running” I’ve done for the last 3 months was a 5k three weeks ago with my wife and I pushed the stroller for that little race.

I play soccer on Sundays (men’s over 40 league. 90 minutes, full field) which is my “cardio” workout for the week.

I had a blast until I pulled my inner right calf muscle at mile 3. the next 10 miles were indeed difficult. Strangely, I enjoyed the crap out of it.

Leave me a comment if you would like some more details. As much as I love my wife…I do have a little man crush also.

My man crush says “laugh everyday and do something frequently that scares you a little”. Been trying that with great success lately….especially the laughing part 🙂

If you want to know whom it is…venture some guesses. I’m easy 🙂


Be Nice and BE HAPPY


2 thoughts on “Updates, LOVE and a little half Marathon (again)

  1. “laugh everyday and do something frequently that scares you a little.” Random guess and w/o google: Laird Hamilton? Enjoyed as always Marc!

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