Tomato Soup and Beef Jello

A few weeks ago I made a big batch of bone broth. My preferred way is to use the crockpot. I let this batch simmer for 48 hours. After putting it in the fridge and letting it cool, I skimmed the fat (saved for later use) and made a bunch of individual portions and stuck them in the freezer. My kids call bone broth “beef jello”. They love watching and helping me skim off the fat, and then putting the “beef jello” in ziplock bags. When your bone broth looks like “beef jello”, you’ve been succesful in making a super nutritious broth.

Last night I made a quick tomato soup. In a saucepan bring your “beef jello” to a boil and reduce down a bit to intensify the flavor. (2.5-3 cups of broth reduced down to 2 cups, recipe for two people) Now add 4 diced roma tomatoes or 2 large tomatoes, 1/4 of a red onion and 2 cloves og garlic. Fresh ground pepper and sea salt to taste. Bring to a boil.

Next I transferred the soup to the food processor and pureed it.
Toss back in the pan and add a shot of heavy cream. (just add a little first, you can always add more)
It looks like the soup is very light from the cream, but it is the poor lighting for the picture that makes it look like that. Instead of the more traditional creme fraiche, I added a small dollop of greek yogurt.
I ate 2 nice bowls of it. If you are a person that doesn’t sleep well if you eat late, see if soup has a different result. I didn’t get to eat till about 9pm, which is usually on the late side to eat for me. But soup doesn’t have the same effect as a meal does. Warms the body nicely for sleep mode 😉
What do you like to make with your bone broth?

4 thoughts on “Tomato Soup and Beef Jello

  1. Natalie,
    Glad spousal unit is better now.
    Bone broth is for sure good medicine when the body is run down.

    That is so funny!!
    My cat throws herself against my bedroom door in the morning for food. She loves her food…

    Going to do a bit of investigation on "hervido". Love learning new things….thanks for sharing that.


  2. here in Valencia a typical light dinner is called "hervido", some veggies boiled just a bit. I used my bone broth to make some broccoli in one night, some cauliflower the other. Simple but nourishing. I gave our cat a piece of beef jello and he took the deepest nap ever, dare say he was smiling! My husband and I will might try this beef jello tranquilizer at 7am when the cat wakes us up next batch around.

  3. Goodness, kicks the heinie of those salty little broth cubes, doesn't it? I wish I'd had this recipe after my spousal unit had surgery a few years ago and was on a liquid diet for something like 5 days. poor love. Into the file it goes! Thanks, Marc.

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