The Smaller moments…SOUL PLEASURE

You have to pay attention I think, attention to the only thing that exists and that is the (here and) NOW.

It’s often in those “aware” moments, that the “smaller moments” let us experience true happiness and joy on the very deepest levels of our being.

I will call it SOUL PLEASURE

I believe this “Soul Pleasure” is something we long for…it’s inside of us, but we have to shine some light on it to uncover.

For ME, a walk in beautiful nature ¬†(beach or mountain) together with the people I care most for in this universe, is one of those “SOUL PLEASURES”. I can feel it in every bit of energy inside and outside my body.

The smaller moments can be a simple as taking the time to make a really nice cup of tea or coffee for yourself.

And really take the time while doing it…

What are some of your SOUL PLEASURES?



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