Thank you and Greens

Thank you all, for your positive thoughts and comments for my friend Steve. He’s out of the hospital for now, and waiting to find out if he will need a bone marrow transplant. He’s doing well.
There was a great post on Mark’s Daily Apple about spinach. (link on right)
I eat a lot of spinach because not only is it so good for you, but fits with my approach to keeping things simple and easy.
If you can find some dandelion greens, try it out. You can prepare all your dandelion just like your spinach dishes. It has a nice texture.
One more thing in regards to spinach. When you saute it, don’t cook it down all the way, like most restaurants do. Let it wilt, but try and keep the leaves intact a little. Picture shows what I mean.

Garlic, scallions, asparagus, dandelion, spinach, tomato and bacon. with a dijon mustard drizzle.

Half an organic apple.

I confess, I used the micro wave to make about 7 strips of bacon (as always nitrate and garbage free). I was short on time and had only bacon left in my fridge. I do NOT like the micro at all.

Look how easy, I sauteed some garlic and asparagus with fresh ground pepper. Then added scallions and dandelions. Then added a little bit of tomato for color. Then finally the spinach. crumbled the bacon in and took a tbspoon of dijon mustard and mixed that with a bit of hot water. Drizzle it over and mix. DELICIOUS and ate more veggies for breakfast then most vegetarians do in a day.

One thought on “Thank you and Greens

  1. which books you recommend, i like the food choices you make. i am in favor of a veggie based diets with some meats, nuts, fruits and occasional other stuff as well.

    only i dont know how to cook prepare nice easy foods. what about lunch, most of the time it has to be prepared in the morning, something like a cold salad or so. any tips

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