Tatsoi & London Broil

Have you ever heard of Tatsoi?

I bought some of the above at the farmers market on Saturday. It’s a brother from another mother from the spinach family I think. Superbly delicious.

Per the wikipedia info, this little green guy can even grow underneath snow. It has a very nice flavor.

In a bowl, I mixed 1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil, 1 teaspoon chipotle olive oil and 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice. The chipotle olive oil has a bit of a kick to it. Salt to taste. Cut up some cucumber or tomato and drizzle your dressing on your washed tatsoi.

Now the plan was to grill my london broil and put some thin slices of meat on top of my little tatsoi salad…BUT, after taking a sampling bite of my refreshing little salad, I couldn’t resist and kept eating it while my london broil was doing it’s thing.

London broil is a method of cooking….NOT a cut of meat as many people seem to think. Technically, I make London Broil all the time, as I marinate lean pieces of steak and slice them thin against the grain. That’s what London Broil is. No one seems to really know where the name comes from. It’s not known in London, I can tell you that. This cut of meat used to be flank steak, but for some reason, cuts of meat in the market  labeled “london broil”, are usually top round steak. Top round is very lean.

I scored the meat (fancy term for making a few cuts in it. You can beat it with a meat mallet too) and marinated it in the following. 5 cloves of crushed garlic, 2 inches of crushed fresh ginger, 2 tblspoons olive oil, 1 tblspoon mustard and sea salt to taste.

You can make this easily under the broiler also. Get you broiler smoking hot and sear the steak on both sides, then lower the heat and let meat get to desired temp.

Watch this steak closely, over cook it just by a little, and you will end up with tasty shoe leather. Once done, let it rest for 10-15 minutes and slice VERY thin against the grain. The middle should have a nice pink color to it.

Cover with foil and let it rest. This is really important and not some little trivial restaurant trick or something. The resting allows all the juice pull back into the meat. If you have never done it, please try and you will amazed at the difference.

Nice and thin, if you have an electric knife, use that. It’s easy.


I sliced the whole thing, and it will be part of my lunches this week that I take to work.

As promised per my previous post, Broccoli and Spinach soup recipe coming up next.

I don’t know how well this picture will show, but wanted to share with you regardless as I’ve never seen this, EVER.

Have you ever seen a rainbow/ring around the sun? I’ve seen it in Arizona, Florida, New York State and France, but I have NEVER seen a ring around the moon.

The other night, my fiancee and I were outside and we saw this;

It was so cool and we felt like the universe was smiling down on us.

Speaking about my fiancee…

We have a cool arrangement….I cook, she cleans 🙂 We will try and get a little cooking video going for you next week perhaps.

Make it a great week, expect greatness, smile a lot and be nice.

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