Superfood Experiment # 4, Plate Size and Butcherbox

Thank you Paleo movements and Low carb zealots for making me all coockoo for several years about Legumes….

Just like the much vilified Rice, I had a really hard time wrapping my head around supposed “bad foods”, (ie: rice and legumes) as they have been part of the world’s food staples for thousand of years.

So let’s take a look at our Superfood of this post: LENTILS

They come in marvelous varieties plus colors. Instead of linking some studies or going into more “general information” on how good lentils can be for you…let me just show this:

1 cup of boiled lentils:

Calories 230

40 g carbohydrate

17.9 g protein

dietary fiber 15.6 g

There is a lot more if you do a little research. But for basically 1 cup of boiled little flat peanut looking like things, they are really a density powerhouse. No wonder lentils are suspected to be one of the first domesticated crops.

They are so easy to make and easily adapt to many flavor profiles. They eat them all over the world 🙂

If you are a serious low carber or paleo aficionado please reintroduce these slowly if you decide to eat lentils. Just like a simple potato can really spike blood sugar when you never eat them, the fiber in beans can cause some distress if you have avoided it for a long time. In classic and ironic “nature’s humor” the only way to fix  those afore mentioned issues only get better by indeed eating the very foods you think are “hurting”. You see this happen all the time. For a much better and more thorough understanding of this, please do some reading over at I’ve been reading Richard’s site now for over 10 years. Just the other day I left a few comments, which I don’t do often, but made a point of thanking all the wonderful people that contribute via comments on the blog. Thanks to Richard and the smart SMART folks engaging in discussions, I was able over 10 years to literally get a second education. I’m not blowing’s TRUE.

I will say that if you’re not prepared to do the homework on your own and do your OWN experimentation to support the homework and research, this “college” is not for you. 🙂

So quickly, plate size.

When you make food at home to go during the week (like I do), have you ever looked at the containers you use…as in how much food they hold?

My glass containers that I use are wonderful. However, if you’re not careful you’re potentially packing yourself a lot more food in them, as the containers hold a bunch more food vs a plate of regular food from home. So sometimes a good idea to give yourself a little “spot check”. I do from time to time. So yesterday before putting my lunch in my to go container


I just kinda measure it by tossing it onto a plate. So here a delicious Lentil Dal made without any type of the usual Indian spices.

I simply gently boiled the lentils for about 20-30 minutes with a bunch of diced organic onion and organic garlic in there. I used my last lentils from the pantry, so there were pink ones, green ones and brownish ones 🙂

After a few spices added and the lentils being done, drain them and put them back in your pot add a splash of coconut milk or a little regular milk and stir into creamy lentil goodness.

As I said, adapts so nicely to host of flavor profiles. Let your imagination run wild. Who knows, you might just discover a new “staple” for your little cooking routine 🙂

Also above is organic baby spinach topped with a bit of the “superfood condiment” we made Sunday. Small portion of grass fed grass finished London broil. Yes it was tender…but not without some work. Not a huge London Broil fan, but it came in my little BUTCHERBOX order.

I’m not affiliated with them, I haven’t been asked to write a review for a free steak and no I can’t give you any discount codes for your first order….

But I can tell you that if you try a box of this stuff, you will be utterly amazed at the quality of the beef you get.

It’s not cheap, but it is affordable if you’re looking for a quality source. Don’t think it’s necessary to eat beef everyday, so this is a nice way to keep fantastic quality food in your rotation and in your freezer. Just sharing my experience here, I’m telling you for the  2 boxes (orders) I have received from Butcherbox, the quality is truly truly top notch.

Again no affiliation and just sharing, there are several sites/blogs that offer free steak with promo codes for first orders. You can check here,  for starters.

Happy weekend to all and remember ….




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