Superfood Experience # 2

So I like what I started here the other day…

Let me know if you like it also. I will keep it going for a while and each post will focus on a few (or just 1)¬†SuperFoods you can add to your own (if you want ūüôā ) daily staples.


  1. Cilantro
  2. Parsley

So let’s look at today’s lunch to bring in¬†to work:

Just a real little simple lunch to go:

Some roasted pasture¬†chicken thighs (cut in pieces), fresh avocado, fresh¬† organic carrots, organic cilantro and organic parsley. What you can’t quite see hiding underneath is fresh sauerkraut.

Both Cilantro and Parsley have some incredibly intricate scientific studies backing up their health claims. But, the natural, real, deep sense of flavor5 they have for just a simple piece of leaf should tell you all you need to know from an experience/knowing standpoint.

Now juts in case you really don’t like cilantro…it could very well taste soapy to you like it does for one of our daughters ¬†look for all the wonderful varieties of parsley…plenty to go around.

Will continue with the SUPERFOOD series as I’m getting a lot of “thumbs up” from it…

Be REAL, Do Real Food, Do Nice and BE HAPPY



4 thoughts on “Superfood Experience # 2

  1. Marc,

    Quick question if you are so obliged. I am curious about your lunch preparation. Do you cook it on the weekends? During the week? Leftovers? All my best! Matt

    ps – apologize if you have covered this topic in another previous post.

    1. Matt,
      There are some things changing that might make that REAL easy for you to follow each day. Keep you posted on that, but in the mean time: I make lunch/food to bring, in the morning before going to work. It works for me as I don’t leave for work until 9:30 am. So I usually prep up lunches for wifey and I around 8 am or so.

    1. Simply very grateful and enjoying every moment.

      Trust all is wonderful with you and your loved ones.
      Thank you for staying in touch!

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