Standby….Working on Updating FeelGoodEating

Hi everyone, I have some things in the works, but meanwhile WordPress is giving me a slight headache 🙂

Standby please…I’m trying to figure it all out. An up to date site will appear here over the next 10 days.

Reason being…I really want to share more! Going on 11 years now of eating REAL FOOD.

So here a “little” SALAD 🙂

Would you like to venture a guess at ingredients?  (close eyes and don’t peak)

Here you go: Endive, baby spinach, arugula, onion, garlic, red onion, daikon, grass fed rib eye, raw pumpkin seeds, onion sprouts, avocado, spicy garden pepper, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, dijon mustard, egg white, fish sauce, coarse sea salt.

My beautiful wifey gave me that little wry smile when she started eating. A “come on now” came next…plus lastly “why do we even spend money at restaurants?” Whenever I get that comment, I know I’ve really hit it out of the park.

Make no mistake, I espouse my deep love for my beautiful wifey and best friend in the universe often here… she’s my EGO-KILLER.  Good relationships should do exactly that for the players involved.

ASSIST each other in KILLING ONE’s EGO.

on that note..


Thank you for your patience as we update this and please hit me up in the comments. Especially if you would like “more” of certain items that appear here.

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