Slow Cooking Spinach

I don’t cook much with extra virgin olive oil. Heat doesn’t get along so well with it’s make up. But I do love it’s flavor. When I do use the evoo for cooking, I just “slow cook” on very low heat. Tomorrow I will show you how I use evoo with some small potatoes.

In a large skillet gently warm some evoo with 2 small cloves of garlic thinly sliced. I then added a small teaspoon of garlic chili and mixed it with the oil. Add a generous amount of fresh baby spinach, and fold it together wth the oil. Nice and gentle…nice and slow.

I had marinated chicken thighs in some middle eastern spices, lemon juice, yogurt and a bit of olive oil. Grilled over some wood charcoal.

I really love this tpye of simple meal, filled with flavor.

Pay no mind to the date stamp…forgot to set it on my camera.

Did you grill over the weekend??

16 thoughts on “Slow Cooking Spinach

    1. Johnny, I really appreciate that. And same for me and your site. I reference it often. You will be on my blog roll….once I actually get around to setting it up 😉


  1. oh. meant to ask. So do you generally keep evoo below medium-ish heat? I hear what you are saying about cooking the veggies in it though. They just soak up that flavor. Ever try Ghee? Wow. talk about flavor and good for cooking at a little higher heat.

    1. Andy, YES! EVOO really really low temp only.

      Ghee….LOVE it!! Although best to make your own. I get upset with how much they charge for it in the stores.
      Perfect for high heat. I like to cook in ghee and then add a bit of butter at the end to make “sauce”.


  2. Marc. I’ve been on a chicken trend myself lately. Grilled that cilantro/garlic/lime juice recipe you recommended. Went against my judgment and left it on a little to long due to faulty input from meat thermo, so i dried it out a bit. Otherwise, the taste was good.

    1. I’ve been finding the organic chicken thighs hard to resist lately. They are priced right also.
      I do not have a meat thermo….xmas present maybe,

      Hey? You still working out ?

  3. New blog looks great, Marc!

    Just got some spinach and this look really tasty! I’m always looking for ways to cook it.

    I don’t grill chicken as much as I do steaks, and I think it’s because I’ve had so much bad dried out grilled chicken at other people’s houses. This looks super easy though.


    1. TrailGrrl,
      Thanks so much!!!!

      Chicken thighs are hard to dry out. Have you ever made that greek chicken in the oven I posted a while back?


  4. I’ve grilled pretty much every day of the last two weeks. Few things are better, to my way of thinking.

    I have to tell you, give you a laugh, I didn’t know what “evoo” was! I figured it was a sort of oil not available in the Middle East (from when I started reading your blog), associating it with Ghee or something like that. Thank you for spelling it out! You mustn’t think I’m a total moron, simply haven’t watched the Cooking Channel for 2 years!

    1. Glad you figured it out! evoo in your old stomping ground was probably especially tasty!
      How’s life state side treating you??


  5. Looks good Marc.

    I didnt grill – but we did crockpot a pork shoulder using a rub in The Primal Blueprint Cookbook. Came out awesome…

    1. Hey stranger!

      How are you? Hope all is well with you. Bought myself a pair of the VFF “Bikilas”. Loving them! Nike Free’s only for travel now.

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