Simply EXCITED for 2017

Happy 2017 to all of you.

I’m about to go crazy with some posts, ideas and updates…hope you enjoy it while it’s here ūüėČ

You know, maybe it’s because I lost my Dad last year, perhaps I’m finally “maturing” a little bit or maybe just maybe, I’m starting to reach that point of life where we slowly actually get to integrate our experiences, life gained real¬†knowledge and exposure to life that let’s us put it all in perspective a bit.

My teacher used to talk about the Japanese words¬†“Ura and Omote”, the inner and the outer.

Two of the most basic wrist manipulations (twists) in Japanese Jiujitsu are the omote gyaku and ura gyaku. The outer and inner wrist “twists”.

My teacher used to say,¬†from age 20-40 are the “omote” years, the OUTER¬†years.¬†We practice life and we make mistakes and we learn and we absorb and experience the outer world and all it’s potential shams, drudgery and exquisite beauty and wonder.

From age 40-60, are the “Ura” years, the Inner years. These are the years where we take advantage of all that we’ve experienced in the Omoto years, and now integrate all this information. These years we get to understand and embody, that we “know so much”- yet “know nothing at all”. These inner years are a time for mental/spiritual self growth fueled by the fire of your own experiences and contrasts.

As the next 2 weeks progress and I dump more posts here than I have in a long time, I would love your feedback on some of the concepts, ideas and experiments I’ve been fiddling with.

A couple of things that have CHANGED me over the last 7 months or so…

  1. ¬†Slowing down….
  2. SAUNA (infra red) (also huge part of #1 slowing down)
  3. Thought awareness (what do we spend most of our time thinking about)

I will write more about these points over the coming days.


I’ve been slowing down my parasympathet1ic nervous system….it’s not an easy thing to do. Meditation is probably the best way to do it, but I’ve been “cheating” a bit and use my infra red sauna.

If it was up to me, I would buy a high quality infra red sauna instead of a vacation. The vacation is a wonderful experience and needed, but for the money, I think the sauna is a much better investment. To have a beautiful cedar sauna in your house is almost like taking a tiny vacation every day. It feels luxurious, but the real McCoy is the in real scientifically backed health benefits come from quality  heat exposure AND the FEEL GOOD you get from it. Hit me up in the comments for more info or about what type of sauna I have.

What we think about (I’ve written about it before but this will get a lot more attention over the coming months) literally creates the very reality we live in…

So let me ask you, do you spend significant time paying attention to what you think about most of the time? It’s a game changer …more to follow.


Let’s do some food..

Make it at home, make it real and enjoy sourcing quality and yummy staples and ingredients you enjoy and that seem to help you thrive.

Because of my experimentation with “slowing down”, I’ve also started paying more attention to my energy levels AFTER I eat.

Here’s a type of bring-along “work lunch” that I specifically made for energy and taste Tuesday, but no slow down. My work is non stop interaction with people from many different departments and being “sharp and Johnny on the spot” is important. So I’m not just looking for no drop in energy from eating, I’m even looking for a little boost also.


Getting the “base” ready. Tahini dressing in the jar, lemon in the lemon jar and organic baby spinach and arugula.


And the final product. A little meat in the corner (grass fed beef and pasture pork little meatballs), carrots, avocado, a few grapes. @ little containers, 1 to hold the dressing and one to hold a few pistachios.

I also added 2 heaping tablespoons of that delicious Sauerkraut I discovered in the store recently. I’ve noticed recently a big addition of real fermented and unpasturized sauerkraut in the stores. Really handy when I’m short on time to make. Fermented stuff creates a boost for ME as mentioned before about trying to boost up a bit after a meal.

That’s all for now…LOTS to follow, promise.


3 thoughts on “Simply EXCITED for 2017

  1. Marc,

    Santa dropped a Joule sous vide (by Chefsteps) under the Christmas tree for me. Simply an unbelievable tool. Have used it multiple times with great results. May be right up your alley.

  2. Marc,

    So ironic you post about the sauna. On Christmas Eve morning I squeezed in an early morning workout followed by a sauna session. What an excellent way to begin my Christmas holiday!

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