Well life is not always simple right? Or do WE make it complicated??
Let’s keep our efforts to “feel good eating” simple.
It’s really easy to make a quick good for you meal. Have I said this before??? 😉

So from my previous post you saw a picture of the “masher”.
Boil some cauliflower, drain it, toss it back in the pan, take a nice scoop of organic or pasture butter, add some dill and “mash’ it all together. Cauliflower is a nice fall veggie to indulge in. I was going to pair it with some protein, but you know what happened? I started eating it and forgot all about making something else and ate just cauliflower for dinner.


Here’s another real easy and super healthy breakfast option.
Boil 2 eggs (I think I’ve posted before that I usually boil the eggs while taking my morning shower, it’s a great morning time saver)
In a bowl with the eggs add half a can of salmon. (I will post a pic soon of my favorite brand out there, it is truly the best) Then add some evoo, a squeeze of lemon juice and fresh ground pepper. Done! Do you see what we did here? You can buy or make salmon salad right? It is made with mayonnaise. Mayonnaise is oil eggs and lemon. So we just adapted it and flooded our body with nothing but good for you stuff! Eggs, salmon and evoo. Can you say good fats and omega 3’s?

You can find really good more scientifically oriented blogs, but take it from me, those fats are essentials for you and when you eat them regularly, you’ll Feel Good Eating. 😉
I will start posting some more about “Feel good moving your body”. How important it is, but in line with the blog, hopefully giving you some ideas on how simple it can be.

ENJOY the DAY!!!!

7 thoughts on “Simplicity

  1. MizFit,
    Thank you so much for stopping by.
    I enjoy reading your bog tremendously. Always makes me smile 😉
    Ok to post a link on my blog?

    Thanks man!!!
    I really appreciate it.
    You’ve been with my blog from the beginning.
    And you were right about the duck fat 😉
    And yes, I also ordered some other things from there.


  2. Robin,

    Let me know how it comes out or how you’ve might’ve improved upon it.
    Thanks for reading!!!

    I guess I should have written that better. 😉

  3. Great tip Marc! I never thought of it as being salad until you pointed it out. I think I’ll have to try this out as I have all the ingredients on hand. Thanks for the good idea!

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