It doesn’t always look gourmet, but it sure tastes good.

In a skillet heat some coconut oil. Peel a small sweet potato/yam and use your peeler to create some thin strips of it. Heat the strips in the oil, next slice a little bit of onion and add that to it. When the yam is close to done, add some ground beef, ground pork, or any meat of your choice. I added some pork sausage that I got at Whole Foods (removed from the casing).

I love this type of quick meal when I’m hungry after a workout. It’s just really satisfying. The fat from the coconut oil, a little bit of starch and plenty of protein.


Please take a moment to look at  Johnny’s approach is simple and direct. I really like his style. Excellent blog and posts are a quick read, packed with motivational and straightforward advice.

Have a great week everyone.

6 thoughts on “Simple

    1. Natalie,
      Potato, eggs and sausage often gets combined in a “skillet” at many breakfast places.

      The coconut oil together wit the yam and the onion give it a real nice and different flavor…an sausage? Well sausage is always good. 🙂

      Been slacking on reading your blog, heading over now.


    1. Hi Johnny,

      Keep up the posts. I missed them when you got busy with work.
      AAre you still running one of the coolest gyms in the country?


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