Saturday April 28th, 2007

Breakfast; Black coffee. half an avocado, 4 eggs (only one yolk), asparagus, scallion and a dab of “Vegenaise” (available in health food stores, I like the one made with grapeseed oil. I use it from time to time, it has a lot of flavor and obviously some fats. pretty good ingredients) made a type of egg salad. In regards to the eggs, free range only for me, but caveat emptor……not all free range is what you think it is. Organic bosch pear.

Lunch, grilled piece of halibut. small piece (deck of cards size), some cut up olives, grilled bok choy. a red stripe beer (Jamaican beer)

Dinner, one grilled garlic and red pepper chicken sausage. I get these at “Wild Oats” they are very very tasty, tomatoe, cucumber and onion salad. glass of red wine.

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