Sashimi, Salad and a Silly Band Queen

I don’t live in a big city as you know, so my sushi restaurants locally are not the greatest. Don’t get me wrong, they’re ok but just not fantastic. Sadly, they are all pretty expensive. So every now and then I treat myself to an order from Catalina Offshore Products.  (no compensation) They are located in San Diego, and sell some terrific products, including some of the best Uni (sea urchin roe) I have had. When you sign up as member, you will receive emails with specials. I took advantage of one of those specials and ordered some wild California King Salmon. Now the product is frozen, but let me tell you how good this is. I have a friend who is a chef and he laughed at me that I ordered frozen fish. He said “I can order you anything you want fresh”. Yes folks, fresh is better then frozen, BUT…..I brought my “non believing” friend a small sample to try and I can tell you he was blown away.
Take a look at this nice fatty salmon sashimi;

This salmon is so tasty, you don’t even need soy/tamari sauce and wasabi. I had some with and with out. I also put a tiny dollop of garlic chili sauce on the salmon instead of tamari and wasabi dip. Delicious.

I don’t know if you have ever tried this in a sushi restaurant;

This little treat is called “Ankimo
It’s monk fish liver. It is sometimes called “foie gras of the sea”
A bit of ponzu sauce really let the flavors stand out.
A quick home made ponzu sauce you can make (and use for many other dishes) is just adding some lemon juice to your soy/tamari sauce. It makes for a nice change of flavor.
When you order this as an appetizer in a sushi restaurant, it usually costs between $9.95 and $15.95. A whole roll from Catalina costs $15.99. Ahhh affordable sushi/sashimi what could be better?
Life can’t always be filled with the above delicacies, and other days we make do with the basics. Like a salad.
Just a nice lunch salad consisting of romaine lettuce, cucumber, peppers, red onion and salami.
Dressing is just some evoo and fresh ground pepper and a dash of sea salt.
And here my Silly Band Queen
Amazing isn’t it? Some one decides to manufacture some plastic bracelets in all sorts of shapes and becomes a multi millionaire pretty much over night. Has this crazyness hit your area too?
“You can get everything in life you want…..if you will just help enough other people get what they want”

9 thoughts on “Sashimi, Salad and a Silly Band Queen

  1. Natalie,

    Say hi to my home town amsterdam for me 😉

    Well that sounds like a wonderful trip coming up. Especially this time of year. As a kid I rode the train a lot with my family…I miss it.

    Really wonderful you get to travel like this…enjoy every second…and a bit of quiet tie without the kidlets.


  2. Hey Marc~

    Yup, stateside, though only for a few days to drop off the kids with grandparents, then leaving the West Coast and back to Amsterdam, where I'm meeting the spousal unit and we're taking just one more vacation together before returning to real life. On the train through Paris and Normandy and Brittany in France, visiting the WWII sites (we have a love affair with trains and history) and then, finally home. Or supposedly…you never know. The blog is WAY behind reality, but there it is, what's a girl to do? (Sorry to use your comments section to answer -I hope you don't mind.)~N.

  3. Hi Anna,
    Good hearing from you!!!
    Especially since you don't have to pay for shiping, you must go check them out. Do you like Uni? Theirs is truly one of the best!
    My son tried the raw scallop and love it too.
    Let me know if you dedecide to go there.

    Thank you….she's my youngest and she's really something.
    So you're back home stateside…is that permanent?

    I promise you wont be dissappointe and they do a real ood job with the shipping. Like I said, if you like like Uni, I highly recommend theirs. Let me know how it goes.


  4. Okay, SOLD! I have wanted to order from this place for so long… I too get their e-mailed newsletters and am a member. I just was always a tad skeptical and at first I really didn't want to order because they're shipping was OUTRAGEOUS! But now that they have flat rate $20 shipping… and you said that it's delicious, I am so going to put my order in!

  5. She's darling! I keep waiting for my daughter to discover those…not yet, but since we're back in the States I think it's a matter of time. Love those red onions too…mmm…

  6. Hey Marc,

    Thanks for the SD sashimi source tip. I noted that SD locals can pick up their orders, which not only saves the shipping charge (though it is quite reasonable for CA deliveries) but probably also the cold packs and excess packaging.

    I sometimes buy sashimi grade ahi or local halibut at a small local market noted for their seafood, but that's about it in terms of variety (and the prices are quite high). I'd have to go into SD for better prices on sashimi grade or live fish from the Asian fish stores anyway.

    Last week I served ahi sashimi with seaweed salad because my teenage niece (who is visiting from the Northeast) had never tried "raw fish" and was willing to "try anything I served" (she has a reputation as a picky eater).

    I seasoned and seared the exterior of the fish a bit (Seared Ahi recipe from and sliced it thin. My niece was pleasantly surprised at how much she liked the fish and seaweed salad; it wasn't at all what she expected.

    Actually, she's been fairly surprised at how "not-weird" my "Primarily Primal" meals have been during her 3 week stay with us, though the food I prepare is still a radical departure from what she eats at home (low fat, high carb, mainly SAD).

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