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Sorry for the truly crappy pictures, but wanted to quickly share lunch. Started with an organic roll from Rudi’s Bakery. Quick note on bread.. I eat it, not all the time. Biggest change for me is that I hardly ever eat “crap-flour”. If I’m eating bread “commercial- bread”, I make sure its organic flour _ NON ENRICHED_. When it comes to bread a few things to keep in mind, its very easy to eat too much and bread made from “commercial enriched-flour” is not even flour anymore. I’ve been reading up on making some bread at home and will attempt in the near future. I love a sandwich so much as does my beautiful wifey,and… I love preparing them. I just make sure to get decent bread when I do.

My sandwiches as you can see from above are pretty non traditional hahahahahaha

Toasted white roll, one side a bit of avocado and the other side a small dab of mayo and 3 small slices of salami. (mayo I use is Vegenaise/grape seed oil)

Curious why I use that mayo?? Because I like it! I’ve tried most mayo’s on the market probably, (except Mark Sisson’s Avocado oil mayo,) and the flavor of Vegenaise is what I like most. Now for french fries… that’s a different story, but for sandwiches or adding to cooking and such, vegenaise is my go to brand.

Next a bit of lettuce on that roll.

I made a nice “SAUTE”. That’s all I can really call it. See if you can make some sense of’s how it goes down:

In my fridge I see fresh okra. Okra I think Indian taste…. hmmm not in the mood for that. Southern American cooking uses okra…nah don’t like their take on it unless it’s fried and naughty…. hmmmm WAIT (light-bulb), yes a Mediterranean version with fresh basil, yes yes yes!

Large saute pan: scoop of butter, Cut red or yellow bell pepper (I had banana pepper too) and add to pan. Saute and next add 2 large cloves chopped garlic. Saute together. Next add cut up Okra. Remove both side of okra, cut through lengthwise and then once cross wise. Saute all together well. All of this done on high to medium high heat. When you see some browning, add salt to the dish. Next add a few tablespoons of chicken stock. Saute together well. If you need to add some more butter or oil, please do (I added 1-2 tablespoons of avocado oil). Slice up 1.5-2 scallions (green onion) and add to pan. Saute well and add another 3-6 tablespoons of chicken stock. Let cook down and taste piece of okra ( you will easily be able to tell if its done when you taste it..even if you’ve never had it before/ Okra has that strange quality about it). When Ready, add a nice large scoop full of your sate onto one side of your sandwich.


Close it up, slice and serve.

As you can see from the first picture at the top, this is what a lunch for 2 looks like here at mi casa. Half a sandwich and a side of veggies.

I promise you that one of these little guys taste and feel like you are eating something very very naughty. So it’s really wonderfully satisfying and satiating for an “at home lunch”. Especially on one of those days when work NEEDS to be interrupted by a satisfying and tasty lunch treat 🙂

It hits all our  favorite delectable flavor combos  of: salt-fat-carbs…….. and yet.  

This way we can eat yummy and satisfying food regularly vs yummy foods that make most of us feel like crap and struggle to contribute their full 100% of potential . Contrary to popular opinion..this simply CAN NOT be accomplished by eating out of the home on a regular basis…even WITH the dizzying array of “healthy” selection choices available these days.

The biggest reason I believe…is that very little actual REAL FOOD gets used in anything you buy outside the home. Even perceived “better” restaurants order chicken stock by the pallet full from major food suppliers. Naturally the quest for profit overshoots the quality line on the graph over time. This continuous to reduce and has reduced most of our “prepared” food supply to the bare minimum of acceptability.

There’s a reason real food tasted better…because it’s REAL.




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  1. Marc,

    I seriously got some solid tips on this post. I like a good sandwich as well but get bored after a few combo’s for awhile. Nice!

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