Real Food, Muscles, Salad Dressing & Credit Cards.

I need help with Post Titles LOL, mine are terrible. Give me some ideas please…

First another lunch;

Eat real food, make it at home like so:

Start with a nice base of black beans and sliced carrots. (do a little search for stir fried black beans, ok click the link then). You can make it anyway you like, but it’s a nice change up for black beans)

Next add lots of fresh onion and garlic.

Lastly add some left over rice…not to much.

I think I added some spicy sauerkraut and that was lunch to go. This Sauerkraut has been winning me over for months now from SAVERNE. Not sure of availability outside of U.S. but if you are stateside, I highly recommend. Check out the Curtido flavored one, has a nice spicy bite to it.

Remember when I tried to get a post going about my son and I working out and going BEAST MODE?

Well, I’m trying but I can simply not keep up with my youngster 🙂

He’s getting so cut from his wrestling and his skills and conditioning keep improving month after month (he just yesterday beat the # 3 ranked wrestler in the State of Florida in his weight class). Oh the splendors and pleasures of youth 🙂 take a look:

For 18 years of age I think these guys are in some outrageous shape.

So I just try and do my thing and keep up as best I can 🙂

It’s really not that complicated unless you have a serious desire to compete or something, other than that just keep moving your body to the best of your ability and make sure to push yourself a little here and there past your comfort zones. Morning walks with intermittent exercise are so simple and easy to accomplish daily. No gym needed- like so


You know how I keep boring you all with “make your own food”? The marketing machine is just so smart and trickery and deceipt are simply part of today’s necessary marketing practices to maximize revenues. This is not BAD or GOOD, it’s just the way it is. But it does mean that you have to pay attention. I was at Costco last week and saw this:

GREAT packaging, ORGANIC and BIOLOGIQUE all over it. Looks natural, fresh and just good for you right?

Take a look at ingredients:

So basically a bottle of sugar and soy/vegetable oil.

So back to making your OWN food at home, look above at serving size. Two (2) tbsps of good olive oil doesn’t have sodium nor sugar.

Of course having this stuff every now and then wont kill you nor hurt you I believe, but when “staples” like this get consumed daily for years, the cumulative effect DOES INDEED have the possibility to lead to issues for people.

Give it some thought and take notice how many “staples” you consume every day that really shouldn’t be staples. BE SMART.



I have one that costs me almost $500 per year. Crazy or a deal?

Do your homework and some of the credit card benefits offered are really an unbelievable deal.

The benefits of my particular card give me access to the best airport lounges available. The really good ones comes with top shelf wines and liquor and top notch food. If you travel 3-4 times per year (especially with kids) this is an unbelievable value.

You get an annual $200 airline credit (for baggage fees or change fees)

Additionally you receive a 1 free yearly subscription to “Boingo Hot Spot” which is a value of $59 a month. The list of benefits goes on but just these three more than cancel out the $500 yearly fee is used smartly.

A mimosa, a sippie cup and a nice full belly with good food before travel, hard to beat.

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