Private Chef and Dal

I’m one lucky guy…

Lately I’ve pretty much had a private chef at my disposal…

It’s my amazing wife 🙂  She has been whipping up some unbelievable winners the last 3-4 weeks.

The cold weather is not my friend. I just don’t like it much when we dip below 50-55 degrees (go ahead call me names… I’m used to it 🙂 ). My hands actually hurt a tiny bit when temps hit 40 and below and I don’t like the static electricity created by the hair on my arms and legs rubbing against clothing (look at me complaining haha). As such, soup, broth and stewp is what’s for dinner many a night during this time of year. It’s filling, satisfying and lastly very good to eat in the evening when bed times tend to be much earlier than in the summer. Eating a big meal at 7:30 pm and then hitting the bed around 9:15 is to close together…for me at least.

Soup or let’s call it DAL from last night. Topped with some fresh cilantro and a bit of lime to squeeze. What does Mary Poppins say again…….. ah yes, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Want the recipe? Let me know please.

Here another delicious little treat that my beautiful wife made just the other day:

Roasted cauliflower. So simple, combine the cauliflower with a little bit of coconut oil and sprinkle with turmeric, salt and pepper and adobo seasoning. In the oven at 350 or 375 and you’re good to go. Cook to desired “done-ness”. (as to adobo seasoning, my wife found a wonderful variety I was not familiar with. Most Adobo seasoning I see in the stores is full of crap and msg. So take a look around for the good stuff, it is out there)

““Hope is the magic elixir that energizes dreams, fuels possibilities, and lets you live beyond the limits of your historical thinking. It is not a promise that something you want will happen — it is an invitation to enjoy the possibility of what you want while you and life negotiate the eventual outcome.”





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