Potatoes and Vegetables

So the other day driving home from work….

Sorry, started this post two days ago, forgot to save draft and now… I’m clueless about the point of my post…so my apologies, here are the cliff notes.

So- potatoes good…vegetables better

Like so:

Now normally I make this type of stuff right?

NOT this time….

My beautiful wifey made this for me…

You know when you come home from a long day and you are really in the mood for something yummy? The other day was such a day for me and this home made “manna from heaven”, literally put happy and grateful tears in my eyes and body. Yup, the power of food has the ability to do that to me…usually when I’m quite depleted and tired to boot.

Roasted potatoes with red cabbage scallions and a intoxicating mysterious tahini ,turmeric and garlic sauce.

May I say holy shit?

If you need the recipe, I will ask my bride 🙂




2 thoughts on “Potatoes and Vegetables

  1. Would your wife be willing to share the recepie? I am not very good at sauces and this sounds perfect for what it is paired with. Thank you.

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