Well maybe not completely authentic…but I think I did pretty good on my first attempt. I told my awesome bud “R” up in Canada (who is a sublime cook) that I had never done it before as it seemed a daunting task. But after a bit more reading thought I’d give it the old scrapper try.

I’m actually still a bit blown away (as was my beautiful wifey) how tasty this was Sunday night.

It was very easy actually.

If interested I can give you a more detailed recipe idea… but the basics as follows:

grass fed short ribs (anther great cheap cut of meat by the way)

Some organic pork


Fennel seed



Chinese five spice (still had some from a little spice store we visited)



Fresh ginger

Fresh turmeric root

Rice noodles

Have fun with it.

Like rejection..culturally we have been conditioned that this is some type of failure. It’s quite the opposite…rejection is proof that you went for it 🙂

So have at it…screw up a few recipes…who gives a shit 🙂

Enjoy your life!!!



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