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Real Food, Whole Food…Peasant Food

Hat tip to Richard Nikoley for bringing “Peasant Food” back into the talk track. Below, my version of peasant food. My mom’s nails somehow made it into the right of the pic, but hey, since she requested “my potatoes”, it’s fitting. Simple potato dish with, onion, garlic and a little bit of chicken.     Read More

Update, Mindset & Food

    “ALL my pics are loading strange…wordpress snafu….will try and fix maybe not. See you next post. Best laid plans… I’ve been a bit busy So had to maximize my limited time and when I say limited time, over the past 3 weeks I’ve watched a total of 1 hour of tv. Not making excuses, Read More

Easy Workouts

I’m always prompted to add a post title…I usually forget. Doesn’t matter all that much. And, as my old teacher used to say  “stop labeling everything” . 🙂 But this one is actually a nice label. Easy workouts…what does that mean? (Quick food interruption: fresh prawns from the Gulf of Mexico. These types sweet prawns Read More

Less Meat

It’s a bit weird how much less meat I’m eating these days. I have switched in a good amount of fish, but still. This morning when prepping my lunch before leaving for work, there was no chicken and no meat for me to pick from, for some leftovers. Not even fish. Left over fennel and Read More

“Don’t Read Medical Texts”

“Because you could die of a misprint” Mark Twain. I can’t think of a better quote today in regards to all the “opinions, studies and research” you can dig your teeth into online. Mark Twain couldn’t have imagined a practically limitless resource library accessible to everyone 24-7. And yet…. So stop obsessing and start living. Read More

Small Tasty Bites…We Eat Too Much Series

I definitely eat more on the weekends. Part of the reason for that, is that more of the day is spent at home….which for me leads to trips to the kitchen for yummies. As I, and beautiful wifey enjoy eating…we try to make yummy tasty treats that satisfy, but don’t leave us stuffed so that Read More

Food Pics #2

Here a quick one. Please hit me up in the comments if you would like additional info. Grilled zucchini, cucumber and beet salad.   Lots of options, but grill or char one veggie (zucchini)….add a raw one (cucumber)…and add a boiled/steamed one (beet). The flavors of raw, grilled and boiled work beautifully together and then Read More

Food Porn

I’ve been slacking on my posts, I know. I’ve just been short on time with many projects requiring my attention at the moment. Add to that, that my beautiful wifey and kidlets come first no mater what, and you can see that even though I dutifully snap a quick pic during and after cooking, the Read More

Simple Soup Recipe

Happy New Year’s Eve y’all… Hey I’ve been here 3 years now, might as well throw some Texas y’alls way 🙂 Wanted to keep posting some really REALLY simple recipes. Above we have a classic Greek soup known as “Avgolemono”. Not just the Greeks but a lot of the middle East likes to mix egg and Read More

Simple Dinner for Two

A bit busy, but want to share some really simple recipes you can try. Most will have but few ingredients. Here’s a start. Take a look at dinner last night: Roasted Cauliflower, Fresh tomato, onion, garlic, venison jalapeno cheddar sausage and a splash of red wine optional. You can swap Venison of course and get Read More

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