Oats – CARBS are SO BAD for YOU!?


Title of the post a bit tongue in cheek of course…

But when was the last time for all you paleo’s, primals, ancestrals you had some yummy rolled oats for breakfast?

Is this a really bad for you breakfast above?

I know it’s all over Pintrest et al, but I had never seen these “overnight fridge oats” thingies. My beautiful wifey made us some and it got an immediate thumbs up from me (as well as all the kids in the house). Basically you take oats, add some yogurt or milk/almond milk/hemp milk etc, chia seeds, blueberries (fruit), pinch of salt and little bit of honey.

Google away, here’s a link with images.

My breakfast above was some “fridge oats” and a few nuts. Feel Good Eating breakfast for sure. Provides nice satiety and doesn’t slow down the fast snapping morning brain. Remember to keep your portions in check.

Be Nice and BE HAPPY


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