Nike has always said it best ” JUST DO IT”

I had an interesting conversation with a friend this weekend.
She wants to eat “right” as she says, but complains that she just doesn’t know what to make.
Or what vegetables to buy and how to make those. So I gave her some tough love, and told her to quit moaning and to “Just Do it”

It’s not hard at all, it just takes some effort. Effort in the beginning of a new activity usually gives way to satisfaction and pleasure in no time at all.
For all of you out there that seem to struggle with it; here’s my advice. Just go to the store buy what you think looks fresh (whatever, zucchini, squash, spinach, asparagus, Brussels sprouts etc etc) and go home and MAKE IT! Make it any way you like, add some butter, olive oil, or coconut oil, use some of your spices and just experiment. Only by doing this will you figure out what flavors you like and how to make simple healthy dishes.
Breakfast this morning for me was such a meal. I looked in the fridge, saw I had a yellow squash. Next some left over red onion. Sauteed that in some olive oil, added a piece of left over tomato and sliced up some left over steak. Grabbed a to go container made a bed of green lettuce, added 1 teaspoon of balsamic and 1 teaspoon of olive oil. Tossed the squash concoction on top. Easy right? nothing fancy, but the flavor was great.

Sunday morning I was in the mood for an omelet.
Made a big one stuffed with sauteed spinach and dandelion greens.
A little bit of tomato, some cheese and topped with scallions.
10 minutes perhaps?

Let me know how you made out.

On the site reader I’m seeing people reading and checking in from all over the world.
Very cool!
Thanks to everyone out there for reading!

6 thoughts on “Nike has always said it best ” JUST DO IT”

  1. Good advice. As someone who didn’t cook much until maybe a year ago, I am sometimes intimidated by new food and how to prepare it. The desire to eat well has pushed me into actually deciding what to feed myself & making it.

    The past few months I’ve been randomly picking a new vegetable when I go shopping, and then spending awhile looking at recipes online. Last time I got rutabagas, they turned out great. Actually, everything I’ve tried on a whim has been lovely. Who knew parsnips were that sublime?

    Also been re-trying foods I thought I didn’t like because I’m finding that almost without fail I like nearly everything. I think it has something to do with getting used to the complexity of more subtle food that was drowned out by sugar & salt.

    Thanks again for all the suggestions, it really is helpful.

  2. Thank you Naomi!
    I hear you have been having some nice weather. Hopefully it will stay nice for Koninginnen dag. I miss that 😉

    Nice one. Have never heard that!
    My motto “This too shall pass”


  3. Marc;
    Great post, yummy pic’s.

    While I have the Nike Swoosh tattooed on my ankle and do agree about the motto, my favorite is:

    Everyone Wants to See God, No One Wants to Die.

  4. Hi Anna,

    There you go again 😉
    Pointing me in the right direction. I will take a look at the book, Thank you.
    It’s amazing to me. Most people want to do it…..they are just not willing to change at all.


  5. Hi Marc,

    When people say similar things to me, I suggest or loan them Nina Planck’s book, Real Food: What to Eat and Why. I think Nina has a winning way with explaining the “what” as well as the “why” in a way that most people can relate to, can do something with, without going crazy with scientific data (though what she says is backed up by rigorous science).

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