Mi fan?

Rice vermicelli.

When I was young, I always ate the same thing when my parents took us out for Chinese food.

The restaurant in Amsterdam was called Lotus, and I remember the smells and the “busy-ness” very vividly.

I always ate the same thing which they called “mi-hoen”.

Rice vermicelli stir fried with veggies, lots of onion, egg and  some type of protein. Usually shrimp or chicken.

I made some the other day with salmon.

It is a wonderfully easy dish to make. In boiling water cook your rice vermicelli for 2-3 minutes.

Stop the cooking process and rinse with cold water. It keeps well in the fridge for impromptu dishes.

Stir fry your veggies…anything you like. Some protein,  and 1 or 2 eggs.

A bit of soy sauce and voila. Play with it. Make it your own…just the way you like it. 🙂



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