May 6th, 2007

Cup of coffee for breakfast, with some watermelon (it’s so sweet right now, just tasting right )
almonds. wasn’t all that hungry

Played some tennis before lunch, and druing the match had a some small bites of watermelon.
I offered it to the other 3 playeers, but they were worried it would upset their stomach, so they drank their gatorades instead. hmmmm.

Late lunch, was hungry. Made a large turkey burger. (ground turkey breast) cut up onion, add some olive and make patty, don’t grill on heat to high, or it will dry out. Cut up bok choy, celery and carrots to have with it.

nice red leaf lettuce salad with cucumber, tomato and home made dressing. Small piece of grilled halibut. Glass of red wine

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