Lack of Posts, Sick and the Secret Spot?

I’m sorry for not putting up a lot of posts over the past few weeks.

Work has been really nice and busy. This week I’m in “training”, and everyday is an 8-6 deal pretty much. I do try and get up a little earlier than normal so that I can get some exercise or a good meditation in, before the long  day of “sitting”. Both of those seem to really help the “ants in the pants” for me. What also helps me is very little food intake over the course of the day. The latter requires a bit of self control, as these type of “training meetings” are conducted in a hotel and the onslaught of food starts at 8 am, and is consistent till about 3:30 pm. At 3 pm the last “pick me up” snack and break comes before the final 2-3 hour stretch. Yesterday the snack consisted of an assortment of cookies, large soft pretzels, a bowl with different bags of chips, soda’s, lemonade and popcorn. I will admit that I was absolutely STARVING when I got home, but in return I had loads of energy during the day, my mind was sharp and I didn’t suffer from the “meeting yawns” like all the other attendees. I remember those yawns well. It seems like when the yawns and the sleepy head nods start when you are in meetings, they won’t stop and your mind begs you to please please abort whatever it is your doing  and to just leave! 

This past Friday night I coughed a few times. When I did, I noticed a very faint “pain sensation”. I knew right away that my body was about to fight something. I felt progressively worse over the course of the night and went to sleep early. I woke up Saturday morning “sick”. My throat was on fire and I could feel body aches coming on. I had plans to take my kids to the beach and meet up with some other folks and their kids. I sucked it up and went to the beach, hoping for some natural vitamind D to treat me right. I was exhausted when I got home at 2 and told my kids that I needed a bit of their help as I needed to sleep. Besides from getting up to make them dinner…I slept on and off till about 11:oo pm at which point I had to leave to pick my daughter up from a birthday party she was at. Another good night sleep and eventhough I could hadly talk upon waking Sunday morning, I started feeling better around 4pm (Sunday). From Friday night till Sunday evening I didn’t eat much except for some thinly sliced steak cooked in a bit of butter and a few bowls of miso soup. I did drink a good amount of herb tea. On Monday I was startled to wake up and find myself feeling about 95%. This little “bug” went through me quick. Many people in my office are sick and one of my co-workers who also complained about getting sick Saturday, ended going to a walk in clinic Sunday to find out she had strep throat. This was the first time in 3 years that I had a cold/flu. Years ago when my body ached the way it did this past weekend, I would be in bed with the flu for 4-6 days. This time it seemed to work itself out in about a day and a half. I was reading the website recently. Browse through there and get the husband and wife’s authors view on how important “real food” is. Their academic credentials speak for themselves.

So was it a Paleo, Primal or EF way of eating over the last 5 years that helped me fight my virus a bit better? Who knows right? Maybe it was my mental outlook of “acceptance” vs. “anger” that allowed my being to be more at ease to deal with it. Again, who knows right?

The author of The Perfect Health Diet wrote this recently

 “One reason chronic diseases are so rarely cured is that in many cases, essential curative steps make people miserable for a time, while steps that aggravate the disease make people feel better” I spent some time contemplating this and I can say from my own experience, it is right on the money!!!

So what I do know is this: through careful observation and self experimentation, you CAN figure out what works for YOU. If you spend the time to do it, you will be amazed how much the quality of your day to day existence improves. It’s almost counter intuitive to have some sliced meat sauted in pasture butter for breakfast. Especially if your comfort food used to consist of nice hot pancakes with lots of syrup to make yourself feel better. But I urge you to think outside of the conventional wisdom box and find out how you can best take care of YOU.

My martial arts teacher used to say “when someone is about to swing a sword at you…how many people know that you have to take a step forward to be safe? It’s completely counter-intuitive. The secret spot is just one step in front of you

It’s really the way life works isn’t it? You can’t just think about what you want to do, going to do, improve your life, get going, start eating right, exercise more, be nicer, safe more money, live better, pray more, love more………… the secret spot is just one step in front of you.

Smile a lot today and be nice


8 thoughts on “Lack of Posts, Sick and the Secret Spot?

  1. It’s a good thing to start the day with something that makes you feel good, like meditating. I hate when I come home tired from a long day and feel I haven’t done anything for myself yet, it’s exhausting if it goes on like that for too long.

    Thank you for the link, I’ll check it out!

    1. Perfect health diet blog has some awesome info Kath. Good one to keep an eye on.

      Meditation is really important I believe…and it’s not as mystical as it’s been made out to be. Will do some more posts on it in the future.


  2. Glad to hear you’ve been busy. I take that to mean that you are no longer affected by incorrect perceptions brought on by the BP spill.

    1. Hi Dave,
      Man did that spill wreak some havoc.
      I hope you’re well Dave. Keep at it!!!
      I’m assuming your sveltering temps have subside a bit.


  3. Hey Mark – SMILE A LOT TODAY AND BE NICE….Though your recipes and food porn are good, the main reason I stop by your blog is your attitude to life. Thanks for putting yourself out there. If even just a few people who read your words adopt your wonderful life view, the world would be a better place. And that is so satisfying, isn’t it?

    1. Hi there!
      Thank you SO much for your comment!!!
      It is very much my attitude to life that I’m trying to share with everyone. Perhaps even more so then my recipes. It would be so incredibly gratifying if it “clicks” for someone.
      In the end…we are all in it together. Thank you again, you’re comment means a great deal to me.
      (not sure if you have a site, but would love to read it)

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