Keeping it Real

With your portion sizes that is.  I’m guilty myself, our ability to make delicious tasty foods, sure make it tough sometimes  NOT to eat too much.  Easy way to keep it real, is to use plates that are normal size. Much easier to gauge appropriate portions that way.  Picture = 1000 words so below.

What kind of soup is this?


Well let’s call it my “Dinner Soup” 🙂

Miso soup (with a  bit of chicken broth)  with carrots, spinach, scallion and a few slices of venison sausage.

Here that same venison sausage below with some spinach, onions and peppers.

Quick note on Spinach… it needs FAT, PERIOD! Here I made it steamed with a bit of sweet (cooking) sake, but I just dont like steamed spinach. It’s great in soups and eggs, but other than that, I need it drowning in olive oil and garlic.

See the size of the “DINNER” plate? Sure makes it a bit harder trying to give yourself and your family appropriate portion. 5-6 ounces of protein seems very insignificant on the big plate…very different on the “appetizer” plate. Be smart…



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