Keep it Enjoyable

That’s my advice anyway.

Whether it is work, exercise, food, play, finances, etc etc, when you keep it enjoyable, you will keep doing what you ENJOY doing.

It’s so simple and yet…

So if we take exercise as an example;



Gorgeous Sunday morning 10 mile bike ride with my wifey and small fry. Even though this requires a bit of physical effort (especially if where you live has lot of hills), you can take your time and really enjoy being out in nature and time with your loves ones or by yourself. Different strokes for all…but WE ALL NEED TO MOVE OUR BODIES every day.

If you don’t think an easy simple daily bike ride (4-6 miles) or daily walk (2-3 miles) will assist in your overall well being,  you’ve got a nice surprise coming your way.

I will also tell you that for me, my daily bike rides (last 2 months)  have given me a very noticeable uptick in my sprint and fast jog speed on the soccer field (on Sundays when a bunch of old guys like myself run around feeling like superstars).

As you know I grew up in Amsterdam and biking is simply what us Dutchies do. If you have a small fry and want to get into wonderful bonding experience and “time outside” bike rides,  please buy yourself a Dutch type front riding bike seat like in picture above. This is SO much better than a rear seat or a trailer behind the bike.  I like the one from a Dutch company called BoBike.  (as in above)

The experience for my young daughter on the bike is simply super. There’s so much to take in, to talk about, to smell, to hear, to feel, to see!

I was quite amazed the other day when we turned a corner on our morning ride and right after we took the corner, she got very excited and started yelling “horsee-horsee-horsee”. The amazing thing of it was, that she was right!

She recognized the street we turned on and at the end of that street (about 1 mile further) is a horse farm with usually one or two “horsees” in the meadow. At not even 18 months, that’s how brilliant those little brains are (they comprehend so much more than we give them credit for).  She clearly knows that we take different routes and that those routes each have their own individual landmarks and characteristics. Now I would say that’s pretty darn enjoyable 🙂






3 thoughts on “Keep it Enjoyable

  1. Marc,

    Cool. This reminded me of an article that I read a few months about relaxing on your exercise but still achieving the same result (link below). I am quite lucky to live very close to work. I ride my bicycle to and from practice and work. Side note: I am also convinced cycling improves sprint output (n=1) but I have never sprinted so well in my adult life as I do following my uphill running protocol through Spring and Summer. All my best!

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