Grilled Chicken and Chia Seeds

Here’s a simple marinade to try;

Chicken thighs (skinless and about a pound), 1/4 cup white wine,  2 tblspoons evoo,  4 large crushed garlic cloves, 1 teaspoon smoked paprika (sweet or hot), 1 tbspoon tomato paste , fresh ground pepper and sea salt to taste. I like to grill these on a nice wood charcoal fire. (marinate the chicken for at least 4-6 hours. I marinated it over night)

A side salad to go with it. The black dots you see on the salad are chia seeds. I will admit, I got suckered into buying them as they had a really good special on them. Have you ever tried them? Did you buy them right after reading about them in Born to Run?  

Recently I have been trying a different bit of “breakfast”. I have been drinking about 1 cup of goat’s milk kefir, and I add about a tbspoon of the chia seeds to it.

11 thoughts on “Grilled Chicken and Chia Seeds

  1. I have 2 T. of chia seeds in some warm coconut milk for breakfast. Let them sit for 5 min. and they expand, then add a little honey or coconut crystals and sometimes I’ll add unsweetened apple sauce. It’s great!

  2. This is a timely post, I bought some chia seeds a few weeks ago and haven’t had the nerve to try them yet. They sit in a jar in the cupboard accusing me every time I open the door to get something. They’re not black, though, they are kinda grey looking. I bought them because a friend was very enthusiastic about them and she is the healthiest person I know. I may just try sprinkling some on my salad tonight!

    1. Mark,
      The chia seeds supposedly are this “super food” 😉
      The Tarahumara indians (and many others from the same part of the world)have been eating these seeds as a staple food. The seeds help the body conserve water among many other claims. Good source of omega 3’s.
      Who knows though right?
      Do a little bit of online checking…some crazy wild claims out there about their nutritious value.
      I’m not going to buy into all of the hype…but i did notice a “sense of well being” after consuming. I’ve talke about that before. A few other foods that seem to have that effect are; greek yogurt, natto, liquid whey, bone broth.

      Hope all is well with you. Have a great weekend.


      1. You know, I read Born to Run (of course) and I laughed a little that this “superfood” is generally used by us as something to grow on our Chiapets! What do they taste like?

        1. Natalie,
          They are actually quite tasteless really.
          They provide a nice crunch to a salad…but taste is pretty much non-existent.

          did you love Born to Run?

          1. I ended up loving and passing along Birn to Run. The author almost lost me with his “cliffhanger” alternate chapters that kept turning into nothing, but the race was so compelling and the ideas so interesting I ended up devouring the book. 🙂

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