I love garlic……but sometimes feel bad for my coworkers and the mosquitos here in Florida.
It’s amazing really, when I consume raw garlic (in my salad dressings), I notice a huge difference with how the little gnats effect me. No bites and hardly any landings.
Back to food.
Good breakfast about an hour after a 30 minute weight workout.
3 eggs, left over cut up chicken sausage. Some asparagus, some salad, yellow pepper and some garlic hot sauce. spicy and very tasty.

Lunch; some left over grass fed beed, spinach salad, cucumbers, scallions, red pepper and garlic/olive oil dressing

Spicy cole slaw, red and green cabbage (spicy is just a little habanero pepper cut up)
Avocado, tomato and some almonds. Watermelon for dessert.

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