Fruit Consumption,Portion Control and Running


Do we eat too much of it? How much is enough?

There has been some good discussion on all the blogs about the consumption of fruit.

My take is as follows; IF you are lean, IF you can handle the extra sugar, then I think fruit has some wonderful benefits to offer. I would still stick to mostly berries and  “in-season fruits”. The problem I think is that most people making a switch to a “real food” way of eating, have an out of whack insulin response from years of eating a standard American diet. Heck, when I was 21, I had a habit of 3 kit kats a day! That HAS to mess with your systems I believe. So if you too, ate cheerios and large plates of pasta years ago and you are transitioning to a better way of eating, my advice is to go slow on the fruit. If you have been with the program for a few years, I see no real problem with fruit. If you are still trying to shed a few pounds…I would leave the fruit alone. How much fruit do I eat? Interestingly enough…I have  never really had a craving for fruit. Even when I was younger. I do like a nice cold fresh peach in the summer or a sweet piece of watermelon…but that is about the extent of it. When I buy blueberries, my kids eat them, but if they are not with me, I always end up throwing out the last bit of them after they have sat in the fridge for too long. For any regular Art Devany readers out there, would love to hear your input on Art’s reduction of fruit intake. A few years ago, Art ate a good amount of fruit. I no longer have a paid subscription to his site. Maybe I will put that on my Xmas list for myself. ? How much fruit do you eat?

Are you trying to loose weight, lean out, shed those last pounds, loose the love handles?? Are you finding that you are stuck at a certain level? Have you lost weight but has it now come to an abrupt halt? Do I sound like an infomercial yet? Don’t worry…I’m not trying to sell you anything  😉  But consider the following and see if perhaps it can help you. You’ve lost some weight and you are feeling better than you have in years because of your switch to real food,  but yet you have not arrived at the destination you had envisioned, it’s time to take a look at portion control. I like the concept of portion control better than counting calories. Calories in/calories out is flawed, but yet on a very simplistic level, most take in too many calories. Too much food if you will. This is where portion control comes in. To get the benefit of portion control, start eating less now. The easy way to do this is to obviously make your meals smaller, but the “trick” I like best is TO MEASURE YOUR FAT SOURCES when cooking. You see if you just eat less, you tend to not eat to satiety. So what I have found is that you CAN eat less, as long as you make sure you don’t cut the fat out of your diet. The solution, measure that fat! Take a look at dinner from last night. I had a good appetite for dinner, I did not eat a lot during the day (about 3-4 ounces of rotisserie chicken, 1/2 cup of avocado soup) and I had an active morning before work. About 30 minutes of weights and a 3 mile run. so YES I did have an appetite when I got home. A bit of cauliflower and garlic roasted in the oven. MEASURE the fat…I used 1 tblespoon of olive oil. Next I took 1 teaspoon of butter and sautedsome onion. I then added 1 strip of cut up bacon. Next added about 5-6 ounces ground lamb, 3 sliced olives, 1 teaspoon of tomato paste and 1 tblspoon of heavy cream. (the date stamp is wrong, please ignore)


I have not plugged this into fitday, but my guess is, that this meal came in around800-1000 calories. The fat sources alone probably add up to 500 calories. Now when you are cooking with real ingredients, over time we tend to get a bit liberal with the evoo or the butter. Go back to measuring it, make that meal a bit smaller but no less decadent and watch your waistline respond. What do you think? Have you tried something similar?

And lastly, I know it isn’t Xmas yet, but I just couldn’t resist buying myself a little something something. You see I have been running barefoot mostly, and because of the scorching heat of the pavement, I’ve ended up with some blisters. I love barefoot running and I’m more then convinced of the natural effectiveness of the modality, BUT…it is just not practical for all of us depending on where we live. I think the VFF are the closest thing to barefoot running, especially when you have developed a proper bare foot technique. I will be traveling soon and spending some time in big cities, barefoot is just not an option for me there so I will wear my new “shoes”. I have not written a review or anything like that, but I just want to let you know how much I love these babies.

I’m the proud new onwer of the model you see below. The VFF Bikilas feel sooooooo good. They are a joy to run in/on. What are you running in these days?

10 thoughts on “Fruit Consumption,Portion Control and Running

  1. my confusuion is that everybody has their own body, they all work differently some people who are active and do cardio and strength training and being an active person can consume more than the reccomended servings,same with fat,carbs,and protein. our bodies are all so different its hard to for me to believe that everyone needs the same portions and intake, its just a standard that the government puts out, i eat alot of fruit, but my diet is consists mostly of fruits,veggies,protiens w lean meats and dairy, plant base carbs and when needed to replenish after a workout, and yes making sure you have ur fats but some might need more serving intake than others who are more active, someone who doesnt workout and or isnt active and eats 24 almonds or aton of protein bc thats guidelines say their not going to see results, bottom line you cant put a certain portion everyone.too much fruit has consuming sugar, but its not processed and its way better than eating chocolate, cadnies, cupcakes, i say eat fruit and be merry 🙂

  2. I cannot find an RSS feed for your new site – is there one? (this isn’t really a comment but I can’t figure out how to contact you either)

  3. Marc,

    My wife got some Bikilis a few months ago and that non-runner is now loving them doing sprints! Of course, my running (hell my walking!) is derailed for a while.

    regarding fruits and portion control, i do notice that to lean out both have to be kept in check. But to Mark’s point, I would rather consume a piece of fruit than opt for something more sinister.

  4. I eat two servings a day in the average – one is berries, and one is something else, usually an apple, a peach, or a small banana. I think fruit are good, but they contain a lot of sugar, of course, so some people may have problems with fruit.

    I’ve become very carb sensitive due to many years of unheathly and unbalanced eating (lots of sugar and simple carbs, and low fat and protein), therefore I’m careful with fruit. And I usually don’t eat just fruit, I’ll also have some protein or fat to balance them out.

    1. Kath, it’s a good idea to balnce it out the way you do. I have someone at my office right now, who told me that she had been eatig poorly for the past week, so she’s doing a 3 day fruit only diet. I wanted to sat something…but I held back.


  5. Who know’s about fruit – some people eat a ton (Craig Ballantyne) and are lean. It doesn’t seem to cause me problems – ie. any weight struggles are more tied to general overeating than any macro from what I can tell.

    I usually eat an apple a day and some berries. Sometimes I have a banana if I am really hungry. I figure it’s better to error there than other junk.

    I just gave up my subscription to Art’s site. I had it for 2 years. Sometimes his posts were interesting from a pure academic perspective, other times he lost me completely – he wasn’t able to consistently pull me in. Also, reading his stuff takes a lot of effort – sometimes I am just not in the mood for it. From a practicality standpoint, I prefer Sisson or Robb Wolf’s approach.

    Art’s “no standard workout” and “no tracking workouts” idea never worked for me.

    1. Mark,
      Have you ordered Robb Wolf’s book yet? I’m buying it this weekend to take with while I travel.

      I agree with you, better error with fruit then then other crap.

      Art D…..the 15,8 and 4 method only works when you go really heavy….and then you need a spotter to accomplish it….at least thats what I found.
      Hope all is well. You running any races? You visiting Naples for Thanks giving again?


      1. I just ordered Robb’s book yesterday. I wasn’t going to bother – doubt there will be really new stuff for me there – but couldn’t resist after listening to some interviews of him on various podcasts. Amazon says a week to ship…surprised…

        Running is dead to me. No interest in it any more. I love sprinting but can’t do that as I hurt my foot doing barefoot sprints and it is taking forever to heal (year+).

        I’ve really gotten into bodyweight workouts lately – currently on my 3rd mission of Tacfit Commando which is an awesome program (HARD!). Bought a few other programs off when they were on sale that I can’t wait to try once I finish up Tacfit.

        We’re dying to get back down to Naples/Sarasota but can’t do it every year. I think we might try next year.

        1. Agreed on R Wolf. He’s a character and the big reason I’m getting the book, is I want a few special people in my life to read it. Maybe it will turn on some lights…

          I’m enjoying running lately, I was going barefoot for a while….pavement is just to hot here in Florida.
          Hope your foor gets better soon!

          Stay in touch, maybe next year we can hook up for a paleo meet up / lunch or dinner on your next visit to SW Florida.


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