Feel Good Insight, for Me at Least



You know, most of us really do put forth the effort. Diet, work, relationships, exercise etc etc. We DO really TRY (especially since OUR OWN truth is what WE believe is the truth).

Don’t argue with me yet, hear me out.

But “just effort” simply gets you no-where.

We need to find a way in our own lives to connect effort with what we truly want.

Most of us want to be in charge of our selves , we want to eat better, we want to exercise more, we want to be a better partner, we want to save more money, we want to stop drinking etc etc, but we don’t do a very decent job at it now do we?

Of course we don’t and that’s why those type of thoughts are for many of us  a large percentage of our daily thoughts.  We believe that ” to right the ship” to be in charge of our selves, we need to put forth much more effort-do a better job. We need to try harder dang it and put forth more and more effort.

In my humble opinion, this is a MAJOR trip wire that many many of us get snagged by.

We feel best when WE are in charge of ourselves. It’s empowering to follow through on the commitments that you deem important to you.

Now to be in charge of ourselves, effort is NOT the answer and NOT thew magic key, it’s simply an ingredient of the bigger soup.

My little insight over the last few days-

when you truly find WHY you want what it is that YOU want, you will make yourself a little “thought” bridge and now have the ability to empower yourself and you will be a little more ” in charge of yourself” then before. Give it some thought, as you can see, this does not require massive effort…it simply requires your attention 🙂




3 thoughts on “Feel Good Insight, for Me at Least

  1. Spot on Marc! Definitely agree with the dog food post as well. My little one (12 yrs old now) has been having trouble keeping food down here the last 2 months. Check ups have been positive so a change in diet is my next move. Tim Ferriss has some good thoughts on this as well. All my best!

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