Elixa Probiotics, FitBit and Veggies

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the break between posts. 3 weeks I know, and hopefully I didn’t loose everyone. I’ve been busy fine tuning and dialing in quite a few things lately.

I will brake down the title of this post in 3 individual posts this week as follows:

1. Elixa Probiotics – Of course as many times over the past 9 years, thanks to Richard Nikoley/Free the Animal I was introduced to something new, this time, Elixa and it’s creator here.

2. FitBit – Been wanting to get one for quite some time now.

3. Veggies – Rich Roll has me wrapped up a bit and even though some of his information relies heavily on info from the wonderful Dr. T. Colin Campbell‘s China study, which of course. Ms. Denise Minger tore apart and educated me a whole lot, I do believe that veggies should actually be the biggest part of the diet.

So more to follow on all that over the course of this week, but of course have to share a bit of food too right?

What is this craziness below you ask? Basically leeks, zucchini and garlic sauteed in a bit of olive oil….until peanut butter decided to join the party.

After the veggi stars of the show were almost ready, I simply took about 1/2 cup of hot water and dissolved 1 heaping tablespoon of my fav peanut butter in there. Next a dash of shoyu (or soy sauce or tamari, I have shoyu currently) and mix that in the “peanut sauce”. Poured that over the veggies. Combine. Next I added one egg and quickly scrambled that in. Plate it and top with some fresh cilantro. I had a few left over “radish sprouts”, which I also put on top.

Utterly satisfying and filling.


With a bit of imagination,  the sheer variety of recipes and flavors is endless when it comes to veggies.






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