Dog Food


Yup dog food…

I tried to do a bit of research on “dog-food” years ago but it was hard to really pinpoint anything of value. Over the years I’ve simply gone with common sense and went with the assumption that “commercial dog food” is a bit like “baby-formula” , it keeps you fed and alive, but I don’t think you thrive from it.

A bit like industrial oils, “can’t believe its not butter” and other strange foods, dog food is also a relatively new invention.

Give it some thought if you have an interest in it. I’ve been making home made dog food for 4 years now. Dog(s) have never been better and healthier.

Basic recipe I use mostly is as follows:

2-3 pounds of chicken gizzards, chicken hearts and chicken livers, 1 cup of rice, can of tomato paste, some frozen veggies.

That’s it, the basic recipe, sometimes no tomato paste or veggies. Sometimes a half cup of rice and 1/2 cup of of back in the pantry forgotten quinnoa.

We only have a little 15 pound gal now, but our bother in law’s dog lived with us for a few years and was 55 pounds.

They love the food and really thrive on it. We have not been to the vet in years. I think one benefit of home made food vs kibbles, is that the dogs don’t have to drink these insane amounts of water…

Real food… for our four legged friends is a good idea also.





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