Daily Update?

So after getting a few emails I have a question; would it be helpful to do a daily SHORT post that just follows food and exercise for the day?

An example would be something like this which was yesterday (no food picture today…don’t worry I’m ok ­čÖé )

6:30 am- wake up with half glass of water with lemon and pinch of  sea salt

6:45 am- 2 cups coffee

7:45 Exercise (gym day)

8:45- Sauna (infrared sauna, temperature is around 130-135 when I get in). After exercise and in the morning (still pretty hydrated) sweat starts POURING down after 10 minutes or so. Depending on weather, will stand outside in colder temps as cool down or cold(er) shower.

10’ish – Smoothie with Pea Protein powder, water, ice, maca powder, spirulina double dose), grass fed gelatin, ┬áVitamin D3/k2 drops 1/2 teaspoon coconut oil (this is a 24 oz serving)

1 pm- Lunch- Fresh salmon (approx 3-4 ounces) with mixed greens, red cabbage slaw, half and avocado, 2 tblspoons hemp hearts, 1 large carrot.

Red and green lentil boiled and mixed with peanut sauce and raw onions.

8 pm- 3-4 oz of fresh salmon with little bit of teriyaki sauce, pieces of onion and mushroom

9:15- small piece of chocolate and 2 hands full of nuts (almond, brazil and cashew)

Sipped water through out the day MAYBE drank 8 ounces….

Would something like that be helpful to anyone?

Is there a different format you would like? Perhaps something you can share/email?

Next up….more very smart marketing, buyer beware.




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