Cook Your Own Food, Animal Protein, Plants

Cook what’s easy for you to do…

I’m pretty familiar around food right? But walking through Chinatown in San Francisco (which I love very much) I was constantly amazed at the unbelievable amounts of FOOD that I really don’t even recognize.

Guess what? ALL that shit gets cooked at home and eaten. The sheer variety of greens/produce, fruits and dried things are simply amazing.

Animal protein

Compared to the U.S.A , most countries COOK for themselves on a daily basis. Compare that to our wonderful “convenience society” here, I would take a guess and say the average “middle class” american cooks 1 to 2 times a week. Everything else is either served, or picked up and served at home.

So, after all these years (I’ve been going strong with my interest and hobby since 2006) of reading, learning and experimenting, I believe success in regards to people wanting to feel good from the food they eat and simply functioning better, is really VERY VERY simple.

Cook your own food 90% of the time… eat lots of “fresh” food and don’t eat animal protein every day ( I will let real pasture eggs slide here as an exception, but just 1-2 eggs on the day of no animal protein).

This is where the “magic” resides…RIGHT in FRONT of US!!!

“Secrets and Magic” are like that though, the paradox is that it’s always insane simplicity….so simple that complexity is what seems more “exciting”.

Give it some thought and eat REAL FOOD.


Be NICE and Be HAPPY…     and ride a Tandem bike every now and then.