Casserole? Say it isn’t So…

I will just come out and say it:

I HATE casserole. Yup, so sorry, but that is they way it is for me. It might be due to the fact that I simply didn’t grow up with it/them, or perhaps the very first “tuna casserole” I tried and almost spit out set me on the path of hate…but yea, I simply don’t care for them.

My beautiful and amazing wife, actually taunted me a bit over the weekend and told me she would be making a casserole this week, so that would be easy for me for leftovers and lunches to bring to work. I told her that’s nice and let her know not to expect yours truly to eat it. She then put on the “soft sell” and tried to convince me that it’s not REALLY a casserole…it just looks like one.

When I’m being “sold” by someone this beautiful:

I tend to give in pretty darn easily 🙂

Making a long story short and not to bore you with the endless laughter sessions we have over silly little topics like this… here it was:

Don’t know about you…but that looks like a CASSEROLE to me!!

We have a saying in our house “would you rather be right? Or happy??”

Well this didn’t taste like a casserole at all.

I’m not sure of the exact recipe, but I know what the ingredients were: chicken breast, broccoli, spinach, quinoa, chicken broth and some raw cheddar cheese to create the luscious topping (and spices).

I’m sure it would work great also with thinly sliced potato instead of the quinoa. As to quinoa; both Mark Sisson and Paul Jaminet seem to think it’s ok, in moderation. IF you are gluten sensitive/intolerant go easy and do a little n=1. Even though it is gluten free…it does cause some gut irritation for some. (not for me or wifey)

Really nice and “clean” solid real food eats. And as predicted by the smart one in the family…it’s in my lunch box today with a small avocado on the side 🙂

If you have good casserole recipes to share…don’t leave them in the comments here  hahahahaha:-)

And remember…




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