Carbs, Muscles and Trends

Let’s work it backwards….

1. Trends – recently a major player in the “food world” told me personally…”it’s all about trends- without these “trends” the food business world wouldn’t survive very long” I’m happy that certain trends are really taking a hold currently. Business trip breakfast at a hotel in Chicago was such a pleasant surprise, I had to take a picture:


So I would consider this a power breakfast. Homemade sourdough bread (1 slice), avocado mash on top, pickled carrots, radishes and an over easy egg. Light side salad with olive oil and lemon juice. Menu selections like this grow organically out of “requests” and good operators implement change.  I for one was happy.

2. Muscles – So thank you all again for the birthday wishes….  I’ve been staying regular with my “throwing around a few dumbbells” type of gym routines. I’ve gotten WAY stronger…but the “pump” has been alluding me a bit. After changing up a few things, I was still slightly mystified.

3.Than it hit me … I’m not eating enough “carbs” to really allow my system to handle the energy requirements I’m asking of it. I added a little bit more potato and rice and some “quality bread” here and there. Guess what? It made the difference! The pump is back and I can tell my body “likes” these types of “carbs” for recovery of taxed muscles and system. It all goes back to the basics…it’s NOT complicated…EAT REAL FOOD…and don’t eat to much. When you’ve gotten yourself used to eating appropriate portions of REAL FOOD, all the Keto, paleo, primal, vegan, med diet etc etc is all BULL  (with the caveat of course that your system is not all ducked up and needs fixing). Only because our bellies are always full in this century do we spend ridiculous amounts of time obsessing over food/diets. Add the HUGE money making component of “experts” recommending everything under the sun that they’ve “discovered” and you really have a nice little perfect storm. It wasn’t like this 100 years ago.

One thing is clear….MOVE EVERY DAY!! Many…many…MANY of us still do not do this. Start easy…stay consistent and make it PART OF YOU.

More to follow…