Cabbage, Onions, Garlic & Raw Pumpkin Seeds

Strange title for a post I know, but hey I’m waaaayyy out of practice. has it really been over month that I managed to get a post up? Wow…

Time does really fly when you’re having fun.

Cabbage is GOOD for you (assuming you don’t have some scary disease/problem/malfunction for which it is not advised). How good you ask? Here , here and here.

I love geeking out on all this stuff, I enjoy reading about these things, just as some people like to read baseball stats. Totally not my thing, but strangely this “food world” is.

I’m not the most analytical of people. I JUST ENJOY MYSELF AND LIVE (every now and then I feel my thoughts pulling me down…I love it when I’m cognizant of it as then I have a way/chance to adjust and realign).

Cabbage…ahhh REAL FOOD:



I used a little olive oil- here we go:

half sliced large onion

5 cloves of garlic- chopped

Half a head raw green cabbage sliced.

1/2 bottle of “decent beer”

Salt & pepper

In a large skillet add sliced onion to 2 tblspoons evoo (extra virgin olive oil)

Once translucent and just a tiny bit browned, add chopped garlic. Combine

Now add 1/2-1/3 of beer, turn up the heat, bring to a quick boil and then cover, turn down heat and simmer.

Before simmering I laid a venison sausage on top so it could slowly cook along side the cabbage (if you have a frozen kielbasa or sausage as an example, you can just lay it frozen on top of the cabbage and cover the pan. Simmer for about 20-25 minutes. Adjust your salt & pepper to taste.

I took it to work today for a delicious lunch. I was worried about not having enough food as I was hungry (been hitting the gym and as you know that makes me hungry) so also made myself a small “superfood dish”.


What you see here is bit of organic yogurt to which I added some raw pumpkin seeds. scallion, fresh garlic and some celery. Really YUMMY.

Why did I write “super-foods”? Well the more I think about it the more I don’t know HAHAHAHA!

What do I consider “super-foods”? Food that makes me noticeably feel more awesome for a few hours after consumption.


Lastly, I started my day with one of these guys:




I didn’t shake my “shake” yet as you can see from this picture, but basically I toss some water in a “shaker type bottle (has a little mixing ball in it)” with some decent quality Whey protein, spirulina powder, maca powder, cacao powder and a few drops of d3/K2. As much I believe the taste might be something to get used to for some, the FEEL GOOD carry over from a shake like this is undeniable.

Will try  to stay a bit more current.







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