Bacon Wrapped, Jalapeño, Cream Cheese Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

All the credit for this one goes to my father in law. He grills this little concoction to perfection!

This is so delicious and falls in line with satisfying small portions. A few slices (3 and look at the size of them in the picture, about 4 ounces max) of bacon wrapped, jalapeño, cream cheese stuffed pork tenderloin. Grilled bell pepper with a bit of turkey and a side cucumber, spinach and tomato salad.

The way to do this is to gently slice the pork tenderloin open down the center. (gently). Next de-seed (or keep the seeds if you like real spicy) the jalapeño and stuff them with some cream cheese or neuchatel cheese. Your using very little cream cheese for this. Lay the stuffed jalapeños in the center and roll the tenderloin together again. You can use a few toothpicks to keep it together also. Next wrap the tenderloin in bacon slices. Don’t make your grill too hot. This works better with wood/charcoal than a gas grill. Cook the tenderloin on both sides for a few minutes and then put on area of your grill with in direct heat and close the lid. Get a sharp knife and slice thin slices like in the picture above. This amazing tasting piece of meat heaven takes a bit of self control to not eat too much of it. Give it a try sometime…it’s easier than you think and you will be amazed at the taste.

Next up…green smoothies. A smart, tasty and easy way to drink your veggies.

Smile a lot today.

3 thoughts on “Bacon Wrapped, Jalapeño, Cream Cheese Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

    1. Natalie, this is one of those you HAVE to try and make. You will be blown away! But please grill not in the oven.
      Hope your hubby agrees with me when he tries.


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