Back from Abroad and Link

I was away for a week visiting the home land.

I think I consumed more bread in one week then I have in the past 3 years.

I did a lot of observing and thinking this past week in Holland. When it comes to paleo/primal/ef, there are probably only 2 handfuls of people in the whole country that have heard of it. (all you Dutchies reading…please correct me if I’m wrong)

The looks I got at my sisters house when I only ate the “Bolognese sauce” without spaghetti were priceless. No-one could really understand why I wouldn’t eat the pasta. My sisters oldest son did also try it my way of eating with salad and admitted that it was almost as tasty as with spaghetti. Small victories lead to success right?

I’m formulating my thoughts and notes from the past week, so I can hopefully write a concise post. Observations that lead me to some of my thoughts/ideas were as follows; the amount of overweight people I saw could be counted on my hands, people are in relatively good shape simply from the amount of walking and riding bikes, coffee is not drunk out of a large mug…maybe less problems/sensitivities for people that way, food is much much fresher, lots of msg and flavor enhancers are used, hemorrhoids are a huge national problem, protein portions are much much smaller and family/friends are an integral component of a happy life.

I will have my next post up before Friday, looking forward to getting some of your thoughts and input.

Quick favor, if you have FEEL GOOD EATING linked on your site, can you please change the link to ? Thank you in advance for your time in doing that.

Have a wonderful day!

15 thoughts on “Back from Abroad and Link

      1. Doing good, Marc. I thought you had quit blogging because I was getting the same old post every time I hit my shortcut. I must have been getting an old cached hit. But then I saw your tweet and knew you were alive and well.

        One problem I’ve had is my eating has been in a rut. I need to get back to visiting you on a regular basis for ideas. So as the governor of Cali sez: I’ll be back!

        1. Dave, just let me know if I can help in any way. Keep up the good work and the as always positive attitude.
          Have a great week!


    1. I do pick my vices 😉 I knew I was going to break down and eat some “real” bread, so no need to eat the spaghetti.

      The sauce was very good.

  1. Ha! I laughed out loud when I read your hemorrhoids comment. The Spaniards LOVE to talk about that stuff. I can’t figure out if there is more incidence or whether they are just more open about it-lol.

    1. Haha…yes in Holland too! It seems like it just part of life. I know the Dtuch are stoic people….but no need to put with conditions like that that can easily be avoided.

    1. ENTRENCHED!!!!! As nice as the selections at the butcher/fish monger, cheese shop and the green grocer are….they are little in comparison to the processed food available in the supermarket.

      Thanks for stopping by and taking leaving a comment.


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