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Author: Marc

Superfood Experiment # 4, Plate Size and Butcherbox

Thank you Paleo movements and Low carb zealots for making me all coockoo for several years about Legumes…. Just like the much vilified Rice, I had a really hard time wrapping my head around supposed “bad foods”, (ie: rice and legumes) as they have been part of the world’s food staples for thousand of years. So let’s take a look Read More

Superfood Experience # 3

So figured I would just keep this going for a while….let me know if useless, I can change it up 🙂 So what’s this little bowl of greenery you ask? Fresh picked from my very VERY amateur garden 2 big leaves/stalks of bok choy 1 large handful of tatsoi  — most everyone says “spinach variety” about Read More

Superfood Experience # 2

So I like what I started here the other day… Let me know if you like it also. I will keep it going for a while and each post will focus on a few (or just 1) SuperFoods you can add to your own (if you want 🙂 ) daily staples. Todays SUPERFOODS: Cilantro Parsley So Read More

Superfoods Experiment

After much MUCH resistance to the term, I’m now on the side of SUPERFOOD(s). I always hated the term, especially with the healthy eating marketing machine humming away on all cylinders…. BUT…change is real; so 🙂 I’m now truly convinced that the following “staples” in our house can be called SUPERFOOD(s) onions garlic avocados spirulina turmeric kefir and Read More

Updates, LOVE and a little half Marathon (again)

Hi Everyone, With apologies for the site being down for a few days. Looks like all is back up, working and accessible. I’ve been pretty busy last weeks, with a good amount going on and really didn’t have to much to share. It’s becoming very VERY clear to me,  how insanely HUGE the long term cumulative Read More

Potatoes and Vegetables

So the other day driving home from work…. Sorry, started this post two days ago, forgot to save draft and now… I’m clueless about the point of my post…so my apologies, here are the cliff notes. So- potatoes good…vegetables better Like so: Now normally I make this type of stuff right? NOT this time…. My Read More

Daily Update?

So after getting a few emails I have a question; would it be helpful to do a daily SHORT post that just follows food and exercise for the day? An example would be something like this which was yesterday (no food picture today…don’t worry I’m ok 🙂 ) 6:30 am- wake up with half glass Read More

Real Food, Muscles, Salad Dressing & Credit Cards.

I need help with Post Titles LOL, mine are terrible. Give me some ideas please… First another lunch; Eat real food, make it at home like so: Start with a nice base of black beans and sliced carrots. (do a little search for stir fried black beans, ok click the link then). You can make Read More

The Smaller moments…SOUL PLEASURE

You have to pay attention I think, attention to the only thing that exists and that is the (here and) NOW. It’s often in those “aware” moments, that the “smaller moments” let us experience true happiness and joy on the very deepest levels of our being. I will call it SOUL PLEASURE I believe this Read More

Determination and Kindness…

Wanted to share this little video. We thought it was such a nice example of our natural states of determination and kindness. In regards to determination; we all have it in us and I believe encouragement is actually a distraction, I don’t thin, it’s what we want, we need laser like focus to access our Read More

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