Superfood Experience # 3

So figured I would just keep this going for a while….let me know if useless, I can change it up ūüôā

So what’s this little bowl of greenery you ask?

Fresh picked from my very VERY amateur garden

  1. 2 big leaves/stalks of bok choy
  2. 1 large handful of tatsoi¬† — most everyone says “spinach variety” about tatsoi, interestingly…as is often the case when you investigate a little further for yourself,¬†not at all related to Spinach as¬†this is from the Brassica family, not the Amaranthaceae¬†family which spinach belongs to.¬†Cool and Nerdy info right? ūüôā
  3. 4 leaves fresh basil
  4. 3 leaves fresh mint
  5. 2 big handfuls of green lettuce (not from garden)
  6. Juice of half a lime or lemon
  7. 2 cloves of garlic
  8. 2 tbl spoons chopped fresh onion

So this is something I watched my grandma do when I was little, and she put this “green concoction” on fresh farmers cheese on top of a piece of bread.¬†(soft and pretty flavorless cheese.. but great for adding things to)

And just like a strange brain does from time to time, I thought of it out of nowhere ūüôā

So took the above ingredients and chopped finely and mixed together with the¬†lime juice, garlic and salt. YUM I¬†tell you… make sure it’s a bit on the salty side…. you are¬†making a superfood condiment ūüôā

Super foods you ask? Without to much hoopla…

  1. Tatsoi- Raw tatsoi has been shown to outrank Kale with the most concentrated levels of vitamin C with 103 milligrams of Vitamin C in a 100 gram serving
  2. Lime juice – the effect lemon/lime juice has on GREENS is something extremely beneficial to us…please think/look into this further. It’s no coincidence that “vinegraitte” used with salad is a lemon juice and fat mixture. There’s is something huge going on here and totally overlooked by conventional wisdom as well as all the “health and food blogs”…I’m simply no smart enough to dip my toes fully into the water…but I’m watching the people that are.
  3. Sea Salt¬† (good quality)… the oceans effect and balance our central nervous systems plus more…..again something to this. Experiment what potatoes or veggies have the power of becoming,¬†simply by¬†¬†boiling in water with¬†good sea salt (I like this type of brand¬†..there are many out there. look for “course and unadulterated”)


Anywho, give it whirl with your own spin on it. Any FRESH FRESH greens will do, just ad lime/lemon and salt. Garlic optional for garlic freaks like me ūüôā

Lastly, as I listened …really listened to someone speak the other day he ¬† Said , ” if you’re an idiot in this life ..guess what, eventually you die . If you’re a really rotten person in this life, you die too. If you’re a really wonderful person in this life , you die…..and if you leave an incredible and world changing legacy in this life, you die :-)…….”

I’ve thinking about that…what does this mean then? Does it mean we have to be good? Party our life away as it don’t matter anwway? Thrive to leave a legacy? Work hard to change the world?

It means none of these things….

What it boils down too is that life is over in a flash, a mere spec of dust in a humongous ray of time that doesn’t exist as time anyway.

SO, the take away is this. ALL we have is this moment… This VERY moment. As such, do your part and appreciate this moment and be in gratitude of it. Perhaps there are some small actions you could do to continue this perfection, if given the opportunity also do this happily and with appreciation and gratitude.

I think I will end it on that note.





Superfood Experience # 2

So I like what I started here the other day…

Let me know if you like it also. I will keep it going for a while and each post will focus on a few (or just 1)¬†SuperFoods you can add to your own (if you want ūüôā ) daily staples.


  1. Cilantro
  2. Parsley

So let’s look at today’s lunch to bring in¬†to work:

Just a real little simple lunch to go:

Some roasted pasture¬†chicken thighs (cut in pieces), fresh avocado, fresh¬† organic carrots, organic cilantro and organic parsley. What you can’t quite see hiding underneath is fresh sauerkraut.

Both Cilantro and Parsley have some incredibly intricate scientific studies backing up their health claims. But, the natural, real, deep sense of flavor5 they have for just a simple piece of leaf should tell you all you need to know from an experience/knowing standpoint.

Now juts in case you really don’t like cilantro…it could very well taste soapy to you like it does for one of our daughters ¬†look for all the wonderful varieties of parsley…plenty to go around.

Will continue with the SUPERFOOD series as I’m getting a lot of “thumbs up” from it…

Be REAL, Do Real Food, Do Nice and BE HAPPY



Superfoods Experiment

After much MUCH¬†resistance to the term, I’m now on the side of SUPERFOOD(s).

I always hated the term, especially with the healthy eating marketing machine humming away¬†on all cylinders….

BUT…change is real; so ūüôā

I’m now truly¬†convinced that the following “staples” in our house can be called SUPERFOOD(s)

  1. onions
  2. garlic
  3. avocados
  4. spirulina
  5. turmeric
  6. kefir and real yogurt (only a few brands qualify take a look here the link has some great info).

Instead of citing studies and links, let’s make this experiment/experience….

Have you ever thought about those two words…… neat huh?

Only by experimenting can we truly experience…so instead of reading links and studies, should we “experience what superfoods” mean?

Do you need a better example? Let me know I have a great one… ūüôā

So what I thought I’d do, is focus on this little¬†list of SUPERFOODS as well as a few more¬†and show you¬†how we incorporate them into our daily¬†routines. Sound like a plan?

Take a look:


Above we have diced cucumber. scallions, garlic, turmeric, pepper, and a bit of plain kefir and plain yogurt. Mapple Hill Creamery is one of our absolute favorites.



sexy close up¬†cucumber picture above¬†ūüôā


and here the final product. Almost like a “raita” if you will…with a twist.

Goes very well with all veggies imaginable….plus anything else really. Great with grilled/baked chicken for example.

Be REAL, Do Real Food, be nice and BE HAPPY


Updates, LOVE and a little half Marathon (again)

Hi Everyone,

With apologies for the site being down for a few days. Looks like all is back up, working and accessible.

I’ve been pretty busy last weeks, with a good amount going on and really didn’t have to much to share.

It’s becoming very VERY clear to me, ¬†how insanely HUGE the long term¬†cumulative effect of eating “REAL FOOD”¬† for the body truly is.

The science is firmly backing this¬†meme¬†also. And, as we all have heard a million times, these are not new ideas… Hippocrates right…(let food be thy medicine? (specifically put a link here from conventional wisdom¬†source)

But outside of all that jazz…I simply KNOW how I feel! And I’ve learned to recognize how food makes me feel. So for some context and contrast… I love licorice, grew up with the stuff. I can easily finish of 3 bags of my fav licorice on a Saturday. Result being, my tummy is all jacked up for 3 days, great huh? Well guess what…every now and then, I STILL have a bag or two. You know why? Because I want to and I can.

I never want to be so rigid that I “CAN’T” have something. That’s seems very “UN-LIFE” like to me. Good and bad¬†choices¬†are both¬†empowering I guess…but even more so are deliberate choices.

Having a few to many drinks the night before you run a half marathon and even smoking 3 cigarettes with your father in law for his 68th¬†birthday might seem pretty crazy….but it’s exactly times like that were I realize, there are “no rules”, there is no “right way”….there’s only beautiful chaos, directed by our very own thoughts and¬†free-will choices.

Good and bad… winning and losing…these are nothing but labels. Be careful with them. They have some serious power,

Life is beautiful isn’t it? ūüôā

Since we are talking beauty…I wanted to share something personal.

There are many many reasons I’m very deeply in love with my wife. In another post I wrote about “soul love”…

This is not “soul mate ” type stuff. ūüôā¬†¬† Soul love, is a term I use for people that can sense/feel certain things.

Think of it like history if you will. There are many people that can sense/feel what the great depression was like here in the U.S even though they hadn’t been born yet.

There are people that can sense/feel the struggles of our civil war, but they hadn’t been born.

There are people of ALL color that can truly sense/feel the trials and tribulations of our slavery dark days here in the U.S.

Why is that you ask?

I believe (after much reading, paying attention and observing)¬†it’s something called Cell Memory or Sensory Memory.

Our very cells and “senses”¬†do indeed have some type of memory. How all this works I’m not totally sure of, but the existence of it is crystal clear. (let me know if you need a simple example)

I’m very grateful for my life. The love I have for my wife, the love she has for me and the love we have for us, is SO deep, so powerful and so strong, that we can feel that almost daily.

Maybe I’m just really lucky, who knows ūüôā

Besides from her red hair which still gives me butterflies in my stomach when I see it, her insanely gorgeous eyes that allow me to swim so deep into mystery of life, I utterly lose myself, she makes me live the life I dreamed of. Want me to say that again? SHE MAKES ME LIVE THE LIFE I DREAMED OF. Remember being 9, 12 or15 ? Did you have some serious plans? Did you know exactly how your life was gong to look? Many of us did in those early years of our life…and then, life happened ūüôā

Sometimes I want to scream it from the rooftops.. I LOVE MY WIFE. But most that know me and meet me can feel/sense that immediately.

Maybe, just maybe, we are all very good at feeling/sensing. I think that when it’s TRUTH…it’s pretty easy. Perhaps we just haven’t practiced it in¬†while or forgotten to practice? Thoughts?

Lastly,¬†yup sure did ūüôā Smoked 3 cigarettes and had some wonderful adult beverages Saturday night. Got up the next morning at 6:00,¬†showered drove¬†to Downtown Dallas and ran a Half Marathon.

The only “running” I’ve done for the last 3 months was a 5k¬†three weeks ago with my wife and I pushed the stroller for that little race.

I play soccer on Sundays (men’s over 40 league. 90 minutes,¬†full field) which is my “cardio” workout for the week.

I had a blast until I pulled my inner right calf muscle at mile 3. the next 10 miles were indeed difficult. Strangely, I enjoyed the crap out of it.

Leave me a comment if you would like some more details. As much as I love my wife…I do have a little man crush also.

My man crush says “laugh everyday and do something frequently that scares you a little”. Been trying that with great success lately….especially the laughing part ūüôā

If you want to know whom it is…venture some guesses. I’m easy ūüôā


Be Nice and BE HAPPY


Potatoes and Vegetables

So the other day driving home from work….

Sorry, started this post two days ago, forgot to save draft and now… I’m clueless about the point of my post…so my apologies, here are the cliff notes.

So- potatoes good…vegetables better

Like so:

Now normally I make this type of stuff right?

NOT this time….

My beautiful wifey made this for me…

You know when you come home from a long day and you are really in the mood for something yummy? The other day was such a day for me and this home made “manna from heaven”, literally put happy and grateful tears in my eyes and body. Yup, the power of food has the ability to do that to me…usually when I’m quite depleted and tired to boot.

Roasted potatoes with red cabbage scallions and a intoxicating mysterious tahini ,turmeric and garlic sauce.

May I say holy shit?

If you need the recipe, I will ask my bride ūüôā




Daily Update?

So after getting a few emails I have a question; would it be helpful to do a daily SHORT post that just follows food and exercise for the day?

An example would be something like this which was yesterday (no food picture today…don’t worry I’m ok ūüôā )

6:30 am- wake up with half glass of water with lemon and pinch of  sea salt

6:45 am- 2 cups coffee

7:45 Exercise (gym day)

8:45- Sauna (infrared sauna, temperature is around 130-135 when I get in). After exercise and in the morning (still pretty hydrated) sweat starts POURING down after 10 minutes or so. Depending on weather, will stand outside in colder temps as cool down or cold(er) shower.

10’ish – Smoothie with Pea Protein powder, water, ice, maca powder, spirulina double dose), grass fed gelatin, ¬†Vitamin D3/k2 drops 1/2 teaspoon coconut oil (this is a 24 oz serving)

1 pm- Lunch- Fresh salmon (approx 3-4 ounces) with mixed greens, red cabbage slaw, half and avocado, 2 tblspoons hemp hearts, 1 large carrot.

Red and green lentil boiled and mixed with peanut sauce and raw onions.

8 pm- 3-4 oz of fresh salmon with little bit of teriyaki sauce, pieces of onion and mushroom

9:15- small piece of chocolate and 2 hands full of nuts (almond, brazil and cashew)

Sipped water through out the day MAYBE drank 8 ounces….

Would something like that be helpful to anyone?

Is there a different format you would like? Perhaps something you can share/email?

Next up….more very smart marketing, buyer beware.




Real Food, Muscles, Salad Dressing & Credit Cards.

I need help with Post Titles LOL, mine are terrible. Give me some ideas please…

First another lunch;

Eat real food, make it at home like so:

Start with a nice base of black beans and sliced carrots. (do a little search for stir fried black beans, ok click the link then). You can make it anyway you like, but it’s a nice change up for black beans)

Next add lots of fresh onion and garlic.

Lastly add some left over rice…not to much.

I think I added some spicy sauerkraut and that was lunch to go. This Sauerkraut has been winning me over for months now from SAVERNE. Not sure of availability outside of U.S. but if you are stateside, I highly recommend. Check out the Curtido flavored one, has a nice spicy bite to it.

Remember when I tried to get a post going about my son and I working out and going BEAST MODE?

Well, I’m trying but I can simply not keep up with my youngster ūüôā

He’s getting so cut from his wrestling and his skills and conditioning keep improving month after month (he just yesterday beat the # 3 ranked wrestler in the State of Florida in his weight class). Oh the splendors and pleasures of youth ūüôā take a look:

For 18 years of age I think these guys are in some outrageous shape.

So I just try and do my thing and keep up as best I can ūüôā

It’s really not that complicated unless you have a serious desire to compete or something, other than that just keep moving your body to the best of your ability and make sure to push yourself a little here and there past your comfort zones. Morning walks with intermittent exercise are so simple and easy to accomplish daily. No gym needed- like so

YouTube Preview Image


You know how I keep boring you all with “make your own food”? The marketing machine is just so smart and trickery and deceipt are simply part of today’s necessary marketing practices to maximize revenues. This is not BAD or GOOD, it’s just the way it is. But it does mean that you have to pay attention. I was at Costco last week and saw this:

GREAT packaging, ORGANIC and BIOLOGIQUE all over it. Looks natural, fresh and just good for you right?

Take a look at ingredients:

So basically a bottle of sugar and soy/vegetable oil.

So back to making your OWN food at home, look above at serving size. Two (2) tbsps of good olive oil doesn’t have sodium nor sugar.

Of course having this stuff every now and then wont kill you nor hurt you I believe, but when “staples” like this get consumed daily for years, the cumulative effect DOES INDEED have the possibility to lead to issues for people.

Give it some thought and take notice how many “staples” you consume every day that really shouldn’t be staples. BE SMART.



I have one that costs me almost $500 per year. Crazy or a deal?

Do your homework and some of the credit card benefits offered are really an unbelievable deal.

The benefits of my particular card give me access to the best airport lounges available. The really good ones comes with top shelf wines and liquor and top notch food. If you travel 3-4 times per year (especially with kids) this is an unbelievable value.

You get an annual $200 airline credit (for baggage fees or change fees)

Additionally you receive a¬†1 free yearly subscription to “Boingo Hot Spot” which is a value of $59 a month. The list of benefits goes on but just these three more than cancel out the $500 yearly fee is used smartly.

A mimosa, a sippie cup and a nice full belly with good food before travel, hard to beat.

Hit me up in the comments.




The Smaller moments…SOUL PLEASURE

You have to pay attention I think, attention to the only thing that exists and that is the (here and) NOW.

It’s often in those “aware” moments, that the “smaller moments” let us experience true happiness and joy on the very deepest levels of our being.

I will call it SOUL PLEASURE

I believe this “Soul Pleasure” is something we long for…it’s inside of us, but we have to shine some light on it to uncover.

For ME, a walk in beautiful nature ¬†(beach or mountain) together with the people I care most for in this universe, is one of those “SOUL PLEASURES”. I can feel it in every bit of energy inside and outside my body.

The smaller moments can be a simple as taking the time to make a really nice cup of tea or coffee for yourself.

And really take the time while doing it…

What are some of your SOUL PLEASURES?



Determination and Kindness…

Wanted to share this little video. We thought it was such a nice example of our natural states of determination and kindness.

In regards to determination; we all have it in us and I believe encouragement is actually a distraction, I don’t thin, it’s what we want, we need laser like focus to access our deepest determination, I believe what what we do want and very much enjoy and appreciate is our fellow man there to celebrate with us in our successes.

As to kindness…well it’s our natural state I believe. We are programmed for it somehow.

YouTube Preview Image


If you’re not familiar with Seth Godin (one of my all time favorites in the world of “real”) he recently posted this about kindness.

Is kindness a luxury?

Luxury goods are only consumed when we’ve got enough. You shouldn’t¬†go shopping for a Birkin bag¬†with your last dollar.

It’s easy to believe that kindness is like that. We need more reserves, perhaps, before we can expend some of what we’ve got in this generous way.

You’ve had a hard day, it’s raining out, the world is changing, your boss is mean to you, the checking account is overdrawn, you’re on deadline…

But… Does every need have to be filled, every emotion in place before we’re capable of being kind?

Do we have to have enough money, enough confidence about the future and enough of everything else we crave before we can find the space to offer someone else a hand?

It turns out that the opposite is true. That kindness is a foundation for the rest. That investing time and resources in extending ourselves shifts the rest of our needs in precisely the right direction, not only putting us closer to satisfying those other needs, but enjoying the journey as well.

Kindness rewards the giver as well.”

I really love this little write up from him.



Simply EXCITED for 2017

Happy 2017 to all of you.

I’m about to go crazy with some posts, ideas and updates…hope you enjoy it while it’s here ūüėČ

You know, maybe it’s because I lost my Dad last year, perhaps I’m finally “maturing” a little bit or maybe just maybe, I’m starting to reach that point of life where we slowly actually get to integrate our experiences, life gained real¬†knowledge and exposure to life that let’s us put it all in perspective a bit.

My teacher used to talk about the Japanese words¬†“Ura and Omote”, the inner and the outer.

Two of the most basic wrist manipulations (twists) in Japanese Jiujitsu are the omote gyaku and ura gyaku. The outer and inner wrist “twists”.

My teacher used to say,¬†from age 20-40 are the “omote” years, the OUTER¬†years.¬†We practice life and we make mistakes and we learn and we absorb and experience the outer world and all it’s potential shams, drudgery and exquisite beauty and wonder.

From age 40-60, are the “Ura” years, the Inner years. These are the years where we take advantage of all that we’ve experienced in the Omoto years, and now integrate all this information. These years we get to understand and embody, that we “know so much”- yet “know nothing at all”. These inner years are a time for mental/spiritual self growth fueled by the fire of your own experiences and contrasts.

As the next 2 weeks progress and I dump more posts here than I have in a long time, I would love your feedback on some of the concepts, ideas and experiments I’ve been fiddling with.

A couple of things that have CHANGED me over the last 7 months or so…

  1. ¬†Slowing down….
  2. SAUNA (infra red) (also huge part of #1 slowing down)
  3. Thought awareness (what do we spend most of our time thinking about)

I will write more about these points over the coming days.


I’ve been slowing down my parasympathet1ic nervous system….it’s not an easy thing to do. Meditation is probably the best way to do it, but I’ve been “cheating” a bit and use my infra red sauna.

If it was up to me, I would buy a high quality infra red sauna instead of a vacation. The vacation is a wonderful experience and needed, but for the money, I think the sauna is a much better investment. To have a beautiful cedar sauna in your house is almost like taking a tiny vacation every day. It feels luxurious, but the real McCoy is the in real scientifically backed health benefits come from quality  heat exposure AND the FEEL GOOD you get from it. Hit me up in the comments for more info or about what type of sauna I have.

What we think about (I’ve written about it before but this will get a lot more attention over the coming months) literally creates the very reality we live in…

So let me ask you, do you spend significant time paying attention to what you think about most of the time? It’s a game changer …more to follow.


Let’s do some food..

Make it at home, make it real and enjoy sourcing quality and yummy staples and ingredients you enjoy and that seem to help you thrive.

Because of my experimentation with “slowing down”, I’ve also started paying more attention to my energy levels AFTER I eat.

Here’s a type of bring-along “work lunch” that I specifically made for energy and taste Tuesday, but no slow down. My work is non stop interaction with people from many different departments and being “sharp and Johnny on the spot” is important. So I’m not just looking for no drop in energy from eating, I’m even looking for a little boost also.


Getting the “base” ready. Tahini dressing in the jar, lemon in the lemon jar and organic baby spinach and arugula.


And the final product. A little meat in the corner (grass fed beef and pasture pork little meatballs), carrots, avocado, a few grapes. @ little containers, 1 to hold the dressing and one to hold a few pistachios.

I also added 2 heaping tablespoons of that delicious Sauerkraut I discovered in the store recently. I’ve noticed recently a big addition of real fermented and unpasturized sauerkraut in the stores. Really handy when I’m short on time to make. Fermented stuff creates a boost for ME as mentioned before about trying to boost up a bit after a meal.

That’s all for now…LOTS to follow, promise.