A little bit more involved perhaps.

BUT, still easy and straight forward.
Last night’s dinner was fresh local swordfish. Rubbed with olive oil and simply grilled.
Fresh leeks, olive oil and dash of sea salt. Sliced and grilled in a grill basket. Broccoli, mashed and then mixed with the grilled leeks. On top of the fish I had a nice cilantro butter sauce. In the magic bullet chopped cilantro. in a pan sauteed the cilantro with butter. Pour over the fish.
This is a wonderful meal that you could serve and really impress people with. Tasty and very healthy! A little more prep time, but nothing complicated right?

Made some tehina dressing (thank you Sarena). In the magic bullet (it’s quite handy to have around in your kitchen arsenal) mixed tehina with some olive oil, garlic, capers and cilantro.
Sliced up about 4 stalks of celery a heap of fresh spinach (the produce I use is 99% of the time organic). Topped it of with half a tequila lime chicken sausage (browned in the pan with some butter)

I don’t know what it is about celery, but it makes me feel terrific for the rest of the day.
Folic acid maybe?

2 thoughts on “A little bit more involved perhaps.

  1. cool! and i am missing my tehina this week of passover:(
    am pretty low energy too which I think is coming from being off all supplements and fish oil this week as I am pretty strict during passover!

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