I was full from the day before, so made breakfast on the lighter side;
Cup of black coffee. Bok choy cut up, organic pear, organic almonds, extra virgin olive oil and cracked pepper. Breakfast is around 9:30 for me. I drink my coffee around 7:30.
Lunch; short on time, went and got some sashimi, (I highly suggest being friends with the chef or owner if you go eat sashimi anywhere, other wise my advice is don’t do it) Some yellow tail, some snapper ,some salmon and some white tuna. Steamed asparagus.
Afternoon snack, cut up water melon. Dinner. 2 grilled lamb chops with a spice rub of mustard seed, pepper, cumin, coriander. Grilled zucchini (brushed with some garlic infused olive oil) Grilled red pepper. Large glass of red wine (a Malbec)

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