Best Laid Plains = Tamales?

The weather has been sooo nice lately. The calm breeze at night makes for perfect evening outside weather. As such, we thought we take the little man camping overnight on a Saturday afternoon. The campsites at this park right by our house, sit up on a bluff and overlook the lake. It’s very peaceful and its a perfect set up for sunsets.

Unfortunately… that was as much action as our tent saw. Within a half an hour of arriving, the lake effect turned the prevailing “calm breeze” wind into 30 mile an hour wind. STEADY wind! ¬†This family tent is not built for that, so we played till dark and went home. After an afternoon of packing up and getting ready to go camping…. and the anticipation of all our yummy foods and snacks we brought for dinner… we were hungry. The campsite also had a Fire-Ban going, so we couldn’t grill of course.

After a quick snack for our little guy, I made a proper filling meal for both of us.

Ahhh two pork filed tamales on a bed of reheated potatoes and onions. (boiled and cooled potatoes in the fridge are one of the greatest thing to have around to make yourself a good wholesome meal. More to follow on that by the way) topped with some avocado, cilantro, a bit of mild “spicy sauce” and a fried egg on top. Everything is better with a nice fried egg on top.

As I mentioned…. cooled potato recipes coming up for a while next. Let’s feed those buggies in the tummy.¬† (read part 1 & 2 also)




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