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Month: June 2017

Different Breakfast and Cottage Cheese

This was breakfast last Friday. A bit unique so thought I’d share, and again incorporating different things you might not have tried before.   What the heck is that you ask? Now looking at it… doesn’t look so pretty lol  …. but boy did the taste make up for it. Maybe better from a distance Read More

Easiest and Tastiest Cauliflower Recipe

So sometimes I get emails from folks that are a bit frustrated with my explanations on how to prepare something. So with no further blah blah… here probably my Easiest and (can be) tastiest Cauliflower recipe and so easy it’s ridiculous. Obviously some organic cauliflower, but next to it a large bowl of home made Read More

Calories In…

Keep it simple… heat low, cook it slow: Little bit of (real) grass fed ground beef (approx. 3 ounces) , onion,  par boiled potato (cubed) and yellow carrot. SLOWLY cooked in a some olive oil, sea salt, pepper. Simple right? This cooked for about 15 minutes while I was in the shower…turned it over and cooked another Read More