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Month: May 2017

Simple, Lovely and in Proportion

  Not something that’s a staple per se, but I don’t eat the same stuff day in day out…and sometimes…this above is exactly what I wanted: Little bit of Kefir Yogurt, a few organic grapes, raw organic pumpkin seeds, a few pistachios, sprinkle of shredded coconut and glistening in the corner, a few drops of K2 and Read More

Super Food Experience # 5

So back to packing yourself full of goodness…. I had a hectic weekend with some crazy travel for my daughter’s college graduation, and even though I prepped up a tiny bit, I ate a lot of food I usually don’t eat. No problem really, my body seems to handle it quite well (TMI – of course Read More

So you say you can’t cook?

For everyone that tries to say that, for the Wednesday I will give you this: Try it some time, especially if cooking fresh fish gives you anxiety 🙂 Complicated so pay attention now… 🙂 Ingredients: fresh white fish (again, fresh Dover sole on sale at Costco for $5.99 a pound- pacific cod, halibut etc etc… Read More

Superfood Experiment # 4, Plate Size and Butcherbox

Thank you Paleo movements and Low carb zealots for making me all coockoo for several years about Legumes…. Just like the much vilified Rice, I had a really hard time wrapping my head around supposed “bad foods”, (ie: rice and legumes) as they have been part of the world’s food staples for thousand of years. So let’s take a look Read More

Superfood Experience # 3

So figured I would just keep this going for a while….let me know if useless, I can change it up 🙂 So what’s this little bowl of greenery you ask? Fresh picked from my very VERY amateur garden 2 big leaves/stalks of bok choy 1 large handful of tatsoi  — most everyone says “spinach variety” about Read More