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Month: April 2017

Superfood Experience # 2

So I like what I started here the other day… Let me know if you like it also. I will keep it going for a while and each post will focus on a few (or just 1) SuperFoods you can add to your own (if you want 🙂 ) daily staples. Todays SUPERFOODS: Cilantro Parsley So Read More

Superfoods Experiment

After much MUCH resistance to the term, I’m now on the side of SUPERFOOD(s). I always hated the term, especially with the healthy eating marketing machine humming away on all cylinders…. BUT…change is real; so 🙂 I’m now truly convinced that the following “staples” in our house can be called SUPERFOOD(s) onions garlic avocados spirulina turmeric kefir and Read More